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Gutleutmatten - Voggesberger, Stadt Freiburg


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Local Renewables 2018

Published in: Environment
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Gutleutmatten - Voggesberger, Stadt Freiburg

  1. 1. Seite 1 Umweltschutzamt Green City Freiburg Solar Thermal District Heating System Gutleutmatten Environmental Protection Agency Freiburg
  2. 2. Seite 2 Umweltschutzamt • Area 150 km2 • 220.000 Inhabitants • 33.000 Students • Tourism: rd. 1,4 Mil. Overnights/Year • 1.650 Sun hours/Year Freiburg Basic Info - Freiburg
  3. 3. Seite 3 Umweltschutzamt Energy supply area Gutleutmatten Development Plan BA: Construction Phase
  4. 4. Seite 4 Umweltschutzamt Solar Thermal District Heating System Gutleutmatten • Further development of the district heating supply is an important pillar of Freiburg’s climate protection concept • Combining the energy management instruments "heating network and CHP" and "using solar thermal energy" as an innovative approach • Future district heating systems must be able to react to the fluctuating supply of renewable energies (e.g. provide electricity reliably in times of low availability of renewable energies based on cogeneration) • In the procedure of the development plan, in the tendering process as well as within the purchasing contracts, Freiburg’s efficiency standard for new buildings was required and the district heating connection was obligatory • It was important to have sufficient thermal demand density within the area and reach climate neutrality with respect to the heat supply. Heat prices were considered controversial by some purchasers.
  5. 5. Seite 5 Umweltschutzamt Freiburg More information: Umweltschutzamt Freiburg Robert Voggesberger