Let's Make Money - Community Currency Design Course Webinar Slides - Introduction


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Let's Make Money - Community Currency Design Course Webinar Slides - Introduction

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Let's Make Money - Community Currency Design Course Webinar Slides - Introduction

  1. 1. • Participants HELLO!from:• Austria• Belgium• Canada• England• France• Germany• Ireland• Italy• New Zealand• Scotland• USA• Wales John Rogers – Webinar Leader
  2. 2. Overview of todays session1. Overview of five-week webinar.20 minutes As I talk, please make a note of questions you wish to ask.2. Questions and introductions from you. Your ideas for course content. 30 minutes3. Final words, webinar sign-up instructions. 10 minutes
  3. 3. Why this webinar now?GENERAL GOALS: • Improve practice of Community Currencies • New generation of systems that last.HOW TO DO IT: • Grow a network of skilled CC designers • Apply lessons from thousands of experiments • How can we avoid worst mistakes? • How can we model success?
  4. 4. A Community Currency StoryEqual Dollars http://www.equaldollars.org/currency_story.shtmlResources for Human Development (RHD)http://www.rhd.org/IndividualsInNeed.aspx• RHD: non-profit, 160 progs in 13 states• RHD took interest-free loan for 25,000 E Dollars• Employee bonuses of 100 ED, 250 workers• ED income from renting space to local orgs.• Workers spend EDs, people pay EDs at weeklymarkets• Benefits: sustainable activities, save dollars,serve needs otherwise not met.
  5. 5. Circulate, Protect and SurviveTwo metaphors for local currencies:Circulation system for communitys giftsImmune system to protect against shocks.CC is a system matching assets to needs: Currency design =Community development Currency mechanism +
  6. 6. What will the course cover?Week 1 Around the world in community currencies.Week 2 Starting points for CC design: the community development process.Week 3 Designing a circulation system: pros and cons of different currency design features.Week 4 Operating environment: working with your local conditions.Week 5 Putting it all together: revision of course, sharing experiences and designs in progress.
  7. 7. How will the course happen?• Thursdays, Feb 25 to Mar 25, 2010, same time. One and a half hours.• Input from me.• Input from guest.• Questions and discussion from you.• Assignments: research, design, test. ANY QUESTIONS?
  8. 8. Benefits of participation• Complete course on DVD• Networking and mentoring• Summary of the lessons learned from Ccs• New approaches and ideas• Reflect on your role in CC development• Certificate of participation.
  9. 9. Signing up detailsLets Make Money webinar:• Thursdays, February 25 to March 25• Early bird discount until Feb 20, $US 95• Full price $US 99 by Feb 26• 50% of fee payable in community currency.• Sign up here: http://valueforpeople.co.uk/letsmakemoney