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Local Law 87 Manhattan 516-672-8277 NYC LL87 Energy Audits


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Local Law 87 Manhattan - - NYC LL87 Energy Audits. Carleton Energy Consulting Specializes in Energy Auditing, Management, Online Boiler Management and much more, 10025, 10002, 10029, 10009

For New York City building owners, this may be the last chance to file Local Law 87 Energy Efficiency Reports. Reporting is required by law and failure to do so may result in stiff penalties.

Report Details - Completed reports include a Professional Certification Form, including detailed information on the filing status of buildings, Energy Audit and Retro-Commissioning structure as well as professional seal and qualifications. Reports must disclose whether or not the building in question was exempt from the Audit or Retro-Commissioning process as well as a statement of compliance by the owner.

Background of Local Law 87/84 NYC instituted Local Law 87 in efforts to make larger buildings in the city more energy efficient. Reporting is mandatory and the law requires large buildings to audit, retro-commission, and submit information to the City. While the New York City department of Buildings has published a rule with more detail on how to perform Energy Audits and Retro-Commissioning to comply with LL87, securing the help of a professional consultant is a smart, practical strategy.

Carleton Energy Consulting Can Help Carleton Energy Consulting has a proven track record of helping building owners meet compliance through professional energy consulting services. Since 2012, Carleton Energy Consulting has specialized in Local Law 87 auditing, retro-commissioning, energy auditing, consulting, solutions, procurement and online boiler management and can help make an often-confusing process easy and convenient.

To learn more about Local Law 87 New York City, check out our Local Law 87 Helpful Hints on or contact Carleton Energy Consulting at 516-672-8277.

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Local Law 87 Manhattan 516-672-8277 NYC LL87 Energy Audits

  1. 1.   Call Us Today 516-672-8277 Local  Law  87  Manha4an:     Last  Chance  to  File  Energy   Efficiency  Reports  
  2. 2.   Call Us Today 516-672-8277 For  New  York  City     building  owners,  this     may  be  the  last  chance     to  file  Local  Law  87     Energy  Efficiency     Reports.  ReporFng  is  required  by  law   and  failure  to  do  so  may  result  in  sFff   penalFes.    
  3. 3.   Call Us Today 516-672-8277 Report  Details     Completed  reports  include  a  Professional   CerFficaFon  Form,  including  detailed   informaFon  on  the  filing  status  of  buildings,   Energy  Audit  and  Retro-­‐Commissioning   structure  as  well  as  professional  seal  and   qualificaFons.    
  4. 4.   Call Us Today 516-672-8277 Reports  must  disclose  whether  or  not  the   building  in  quesFon  was  exempt  from  the   Audit  or  Retro-­‐Commissioning  process  as  well   as  a  statement  of  compliance  by  the  owner.    
  5. 5.   Call Us Today 516-672-8277 Background  of  Local  Law  87     NYC  insFtuted  Local  Law  87  in     efforts  to  make  larger  buildings     in  the  city  more  energy  efficient.  ReporFng   is  mandatory  and  the   law  requires  large  buildings  to     audit,  retro-­‐commission,  and     submit  informaFon  to  the  City.    
  6. 6.   Call Us Today 516-672-8277 While  the  NYC  Department  of     Buildings  has  published  more     details  on  how  to  perform     Energy  Audits  and     Retro-­‐Commissioning  to     comply  with  LL87,  securing     the  help  of  a  professional  consultant  is  a   smart  and  pracFcal  strategy.  
  7. 7.   Call Us Today 516-672-8277 Carleton  Energy  ConsulFng  Can  Help   Carleton  Energy  ConsulFng  has  a  proven   track  record  of  helping    building  owners  meet     compliance  through     professional  energy     consulFng  services.  
  8. 8.   Call Us Today 516-672-8277 To  learn  more  about   Local  Law  87  Manha4an,   check  out  our  Free     Local  Law  87  Helpful  Tips           Or   📞  516-­‐672-­‐8277