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Digital Inclusion in a Digital Future | Helen Milner | April 2014


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Presentation by Helen Milner, Chief Executive, Tinder Foundation, sets the background on how the Foundation is supporting wider community based digital inclusion initiatives.

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Digital Inclusion in a Digital Future | Helen Milner | April 2014

  1. 1. Digital Inclusion in a Digital Future Helen Milner @helenmilner 9th April 2014 Tinder Foundation makes these good things happen:
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Goal is to create independent and confident internet users Not about broadband infrastructure Not about one-off usage
  4. 4. A Leading Digital Nation by 2020 With current efforts there will still be 6.2m people in 2020 without basic online skills. The total investment required to equip 100% of the UK adult population with the Basic Online Skills they need to regularly use the internet for themselves by 2020 is £875 million. We suggest investment might be split equally between Government; the private sector, and the voluntary and community sector. The investment required to ensure a nation with 100% Basic Online Skills will be £292 million for each sector.
  5. 5. Local + Digital + Scale Free Optimised for mobile learning £232.4m
  6. 6. Moving people to online public services • No-one’s ‘spark’ to get digital skills is to interact with Government online (except to get a job) • After gaining digital skills via UK online centres (July 2013 data): – 81% visited central/local Government websites – 56% moved at least one face-to-face or telephone contact to an online contact with Government – average contacts moved online 5.8 in past month • Start with the fun stuff, but embed progression to your services (and Gov services) into their journey
  7. 7. * UJM = Universal Job Match * CHT = Community How To * ESOL = English for Speakers of Overseas Languages Scale of Impact(April 2013 – March 2014)5,000 hyperlocalpartners 25,000 volunteers
  8. 8. PEOPLE make good things happen People becoming a volunteer when he’s 93 years old as his mates aren’t getting the benefits of the web People helping job seekers to look for work online when they’ve not had a job for 10 years People helpingpatients to usedigital in theward and take ithome with them
  9. 9. Thank You @helenmilner on twitter