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Behaviour Change | Andrew Stevens | September 2015


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Presentation on behaviour change MINDSPACE techniques and overview of a pilot to rewrite council tax correspondence. Presented by Andrew Stevens, Assistant Director of Customer Delivery at EK Services, at Really Useful Day: Digital Service Design for Service Managers held in Folkestone on 17 September 2015.

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Behaviour Change | Andrew Stevens | September 2015

  1. 1. Behaviour Change Andrew Stevens Assistant Director (Customer Delivery)
  2. 2. Behaviour Change: MINDSPACE MINDSPACE neatly summarises these nine key nudge techniques in behaviour change as it is used in public policy Messenger - We are influenced by who communicates information Incentives - People tend to avoid losses rather than seek gains Norms - We are strongly influenced by what others do Defaults - People will tend to go with the flow Salience - We act on information that seems novel and relevant to us Priming - Using sub-conscious cues to influence decisions Affects - Emotions strongly influence decisions Commitments - Public commitments are more likely to be honoured Ego - People do things that make them feel good
  3. 3. COUNCIL TAX PILOT: INTERVENTION EK Services carried out an exercise to rewrite the content of their council tax correspondence