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Procurement and G-cloud | Mark Pinheiro | Feb 2014


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Presentation on focusing on user needs, better procurement and G-cloud, a series of frameworks to buy cloud-based services. Presented by Mark Pinheiro, Head of Procurement, Government Digital Service (GDS)

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Procurement and G-cloud | Mark Pinheiro | Feb 2014

  1. 1. GDS Mark Pinheiro Head of Procurement Government Digital Service GGDS
  2. 2. The Government Digital Service is part of the Efficiency and Reform Group within the Cabinet Office GDSMark Pinheiro
  3. 3. We were created by Francis Maude in response to Martha Lane Fox’s report... GDSMark Pinheiro
  4. 4. GDS Revolution not evolution Martha Lane-Fox, 2010 Mark Pinheiro
  5. 5. Create GDS Fix publishing Fix transactions Go wholesale GDSMark Pinheiro
  6. 6. We are here to provide simpler, clearer and faster services and information for citizens and businesses @MTBracken GDSMark Pinheiro
  7. 7. In doing this we will save money for the tax payer @MTBracken GDSMark Pinheiro
  8. 8. We’re a multi-disciplinary team, working with colleagues across government GDSMark Pinheiro
  9. 9. Focused on user needs GDSMark Pinheiro
  10. 10. GDS We used to focus on what government wanted Mark Pinheiro
  11. 11. Now we focus on the needs of our users, in an agile way GDSMark Pinheiro
  12. 12. Procurement must be agile too GDSMark Pinheiro
  13. 13. IT is a commodity Mark Pinheiro
  14. 14. Business outcomes matter Detailed requirement doesn’t GDSMark Pinheiro
  15. 15. What is G-Cloud? GDSMark Pinheiro
  16. 16. GDS It’s a series of frameworks to buy cloud-based services GDSMark Pinheiro
  17. 17. GDS Creating a competitive marketplace Dave GDSMark Pinheiro
  18. 18. GDSDave ... accessed through CloudStore GDSMark Pinheiro
  19. 19. It’s about transforming the way the Public Sector buys digital services GDSMark Pinheiro
  20. 20. 18 G-Cloud is about creating a simpler, clearer, faster procurement channel for digital contracts GDSMark Pinheiro
  21. 21. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Platforms as a Service (PaaS) Software as a Service (SaaS) Specialist Cloud Services GDSMark Pinheiro
  22. 22. Avoid long contracts Pay-as-you-go Save money on maintenance and physical storage Flexible and Transparent GDSMark Pinheiro Benefits
  23. 23. 18 1,186 suppliers (84% SMEs) GDSMark Pinheiro
  24. 24. 18 13,000+ services GDSMark Pinheiro
  25. 25. 18 29,000+ buyers GDSMark Pinheiro
  26. 26. 18 GDS Reported spend Mark Pinheiro
  27. 27. GDS G-Cloud 5 has just opened for applications and will go live in May Mark Pinheiro
  28. 28. 18 GDSMark Pinheiro guide
  29. 29. 18 GDSMark Pinheiro Security Accredit per buyer per system Accredit once - PGA
  30. 30. 18 GDS Digital Service Framework Easy access to suppliers with the right capabilities who work in an agile way Providing a large pool of quality suppliers Providing a flexible and speedy route to meet customers’ needs Regularly refreshed (every 6-9 months) Mark Pinheiro
  31. 31. 18 GDSMark Pinheiro What’s next …
  32. 32. GDS We’re reviewing how to continue to improve on what we’ve learnt Mark Pinheiro
  33. 33. GDS To better understand our user needs and where we can make the process easier Mark Pinheiro
  34. 34. 18 Get involved GDSMark Pinheiro
  35. 35. GDS Mark Pinheiro Head of Procurement Government Digital Service