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Roys birthday


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Roys birthday

  1. 3. In the late 1980s we were looking for financial advice and decided that three things were important to us: intelligence, trade knowledge and a feel that such advice would be good for us.
  2. 5. While he hides his intelligence behind a folksy charm, his subject knowledge is well beyond ours, and the good in his soul has always been transparent.
  3. 7. Roy, your professionalism and wisdom over the years is greatly appreciated, and we always look forward to our meetings with you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ~Joe and Mary Catherine
  4. 10.     My earliest memory of Roy was in 1979. Our family had just moved to California from Michigan. We needed a new tax person and my mother liked the fact that Roy was a prior teacher, and she was also a teacher.
  5. 12.     I remember as a single mother Roy was willing to travel to Oceanside when my son was very young to complete our taxes. I thought how kind of him to travel so far. Happy 80 th Birthday, Roy ~Paula
  6. 15.       … we have seen Roy once a year since the early 80’s. Roy’s visit was a benchmark for the year, as much as Christmas or any other holiday.
  7. 17.       His warmth and good humor made meeting with Roy more like a meeting with an old friend.
  8. 19.     When he parked his red Mercedes out front, it looked as if we were having Vince Scully over to the house And Happy Birthday! ~ Pat and Nobi
  9. 23. Roy, You’ve come a long way from a run-down bungalow off Normal Street overseeing teachers (who had difficulty adding sixty-seven plus thirteen) to a plush office where you work with numbers that stagger the imagination. ~David and Dorothy
  10. 26. Roy is a special friend and our financial advisor for over 27 years. Roy has been a good friend and advisor for over 35 years. Roy prepared my parents' taxes when I was in high school, about 1968. Later he helped Mom & Dad with their investments and mine & my husband's later on. Roy has been a family friend for many years and we cherish his friendship and all he has done for us.
  11. 29.     I have known Roy since my high school days when he would come to our home and help my folks out with their taxes on our kitchen table. I couldn’t think of a better person to call for an objective and reassured opinion.
  12. 33. Because of the foundation you and Mom created for me I have been able to go out into the world and make a life for myself.
  13. 35. … one of the most important things you taught me was how to enjoy life! Go Team Go! Happy Birthday Dad! I love you