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How we can help accountants clients save money


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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How we can help accountants clients save money

  1. 1. Financially Assisting your Clients
  2. 2. What to look for in a Business Tax Return On The Profit & Loss Statement Interest – Overdrafts/Term Loans/Commercial Bills Lease Payments – Leases & Chattel Mortgages expiring Rent Payments – Loan to purchase freehold Rental Income Received - Investment property loan Superannuation Payments - Self Employed Deduction Storage Shed Fees – Loan to purchase shed Merchant Fees – is it competitive rate Bank Fees & Charges – are they paying to much High Motor Vehicle Repairs – Upgrade vehicle – Chattel Mortgage Workcover – Large premiums can be spread over 12 payments
  3. 3. What to look for in a Business Tax Return On a balance Sheet Depreciation Asset Ownership Large Stock on Hand Trade Debtors Commercial Premises Bonds Vendor Finance Related Companies Loans Directors Loans Overdrafts Credit Cards Loans Chattel Mortgages
  4. 4. What to look for in a Individual Tax Return Rental Income Dividend Trust Distribution Depreciation on investments Related Companies Credit Cards Loans Chattel Mortgages
  5. 5. Franchise Owners Could be looking to expand Purchase another franchise Restructure current loans Asset Equipment Finance New business fit out
  6. 6. SMSF Customers Most SMSF clients are business owners. A lot of these business owners are paying rent. Do they have enough funds to purchase their business premises through their super fund and take advantage of the tax benefits?
  7. 7. Property Investors Seminars OZ Invest - 10 year rent back guarantee Rental Property Investar – Research Tool Home Search – Research Tool Residex – CMA PIA Reports
  8. 8. Expand business without borrowing huge amounts of money Restructure current debt Having right credit cards with a low rate, no fee Merchant facilities, if package together
  9. 9. Simple PAYG Purchase an investment property Equity in home for share investment Interest in advance loans Global limit, Line of Credit Family Equity Loans