Why Customers Choose SugarCRM over Salesforce


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  • SFDC : Edition price (23th Jan 12)Developer freeGroup $15 (was $25 before)Professional $65 Enterprise $125Unlimited $250
  • A different home page can be predefined for each user =>programmaticallyWith SugarUsers can personalize their interfacelanding pageObject page layoutdashlets drag & dropMulti tabs
  • Native LinkedIn, Google News/Maps, Twitter integrationGotoMeeting, Lotus live and Webex in your calendar
  • Comparison between standard editionWith SalesforceApplications for: iPhone, BlackBerry, AndroidLite: accounts, assets, contacts, leads, opportunities, events, tasks, cases, solutionsAccounts, Assets, Cases, Contacts, Dashboards, Events, Leads, Opportunities, Reports, Solutions, TasksWith SugarApplications for: iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, iPadAccounts, Contacts, Leads, Calls, Meetings, Tasks, Opportunities, Cases, Employees
  • Salesforce :Limited sub-set of objects: accounts, activities, contacts, opportunities, leads, custom objectsSugar :All the records from accounts, activities, contacts, opportunities, leads, quotes, products, and modules
  • With SalesforceWeak PDF creation capabilities limited set of Fonts (Times, Arial, Courier), layouts capabilities, etc.NO Word, Excel, Document creationInstall paying third parties toolsWith SugarState of the art document creationOpen platform: easy to enhance with PHP componentsPHPExcel: Project providing a set of classes for the PHP programming language, which allow you to write to and read from different file formats, like Excel 2007, PDF, HTML, ... This project is built around Microsoft's OpenXML standard and PHP.
  • $1,500 / 1Go a year. Amazing. That 30k for only 20 Go of data, 10 million of records (considering SFDC calculation : 2Ko = 1 account record)Makes 29 cents for 100 recordsRoundly 350 records for $1/*Comparison with Amazon AWS S3 but with the storage price…for the 1st TB: $1.68 / 1Go / yearAmazon:First 1 TB / month Standard Storage: $0.140 per GBReduced Redundancy Storage: $0.093 per GBSFDC: 20Go = $30k / yearAWS S3 = $33 / year*/
  • With SalesforceWeak performance on high volumesData are scattered on multiple serversA simple select count() query might take several minutes or never finished!Soql query language: limitedComment on:-Indexes-Search-External keysWith SalesforceSoql: weak and limited languageThe queries engine is poor and it is easy getting very low performances by changing the fields order http://www.featurepics.com/online/Rush-Hour-Traffic-Twilight-Pics367074.aspx
  • With SugarReal sql language, choose your flavor:MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, etc.http://www.featurepics.com/online/Traffic-Jam-1976845.aspx
  • With SalesforceBackupWeekly export, data loader: 1 csv file per objectRestoreNo processCannot restore a primary key value!stone age restoration, high & costly effort to code your own solution
  • With SugarBackup /restoreData base tools: easy to use, business proven
  • Salesforce Product Managers position: use REST instead of SOAP!With SalesforceNo API integration before the Enterprise EditionContact Manager, group, professional: no integrationHeadache when importing WSDLHave to rewrite the wsdl, rewrite some of the code (when feasible) of the application to connect withWith Sugareasy integration (SOAP, REST) with other applications
  • With SalesforceNo Control Version Tool!Deployment is a nightmare! Many configuration settings are not exposed through the APINeed 3 to 5 days to replicate configuration by hands from a sandbox to a production environmentInitial data load may take several days due to the API number of calls limitations (…)http://www.featurepics.com/online/Frustrated-Computer-User-Suit-Punches-Laptop-1422239.aspx
  • http://www.featurepics.com/online/Handsome-Man-Architect-1156228.aspx
  • Email Campaign, Apex limitation, etc.1000 Apex email / 24hLess limitation with email workflow but weak customisation(1000 * #users) WF email / 24hhttp://www.featurepics.com/online/Stop-1134211.aspx
  • Email Campaign, Apex limitation, etc.1000 Apex email / 24h(1000 * #users) WF email / 24hhttp://www.featurepics.com/online/Businesswoman-Laptop-1131000.aspx
  • Apex kind of weak java. far from the other development languages. Get figuresfrom these sources:- http://www.tiobe.com/index.php/content/paperinfo/tpci/index.html- http://www.indeed.com/jobtrends?q=salesforce+apex%2C+haskell%2C+erlang&l=Image credit:http://www.featurepics.com/image/ImageSmall.aspx?fid=2000429//http://www.featurepics.com/online/Manager-Behind-Barbed-Wire-1406602.aspx
  • PHP over Apex:Get figuresfrom these sources:- http://www.tiobe.com/index.php/content/paperinfo/tpci/index.html- http://www.indeed.com/jobtrends?q=salesforce+apex%2C+haskell%2C+erlang&l=http://www.featurepics.com/online/Happy-Successful-Gesturing-Business-Team-Office-1143921.aspx
  • Why Customers Choose SugarCRM over Salesforce

    1. 1. Why Customers Choose SugarCRM over Salesforce.com
    2. 2. More and more customers are choosing SugarCRM over Salesforce.com every day. Why? That’s because SugarCRM invests more in our customers’ success by providing the most innovative CRM solutions and the most value in the market. Here are a few major reasons more customers are choosing Sugar over Salesforce.com. Why customers choose SugarCRM over Salesforce
    3. 3. Focus on innovation for the Individual This is especially important in regulated industries and geographies where data privacy and ownership is an issue. SugarCRM simply offers the most choice in deployment, including on-demand SaaS, private cloud, public cloud and partner-hosted options. When it comes to CRM, Sugar offers the most modern and innovative user experience, hands down. With Sugar UX™, users get a ubiquitous experience across all devices, designed for the individual. This means the system is powerful, yet easy to use – anytime, anywhere. The innovative nature of the Sugar platform means no other provider can top the level of usability offered in Sugar UX. What’s more, SugarCRM offers innovation in terms of your entire CRM deployment. Only Sugar offers customers the ability to deploy the same features and platform any way they choose. This means users get the same features and functionality, choice and control regardless of deployment model. Why customers choose SugarCRM over Salesforce
    4. 4. Recommended Action Take a look at the modern look and feel and ease-of-use of Sugar 7 user interface compared to the core Salesforce.com Sales Cloud UI. Why customers choose SugarCRM over Salesforce
    5. 5. Unparalleled value Every day, Sugar customers tell us that only Sugar allowed them to make their CRM initiative a strategic differentiator at a cost that worked for them. Customers cite the simplicity of Sugar’s pricing and the ease of doing business with SugarCRM as a reason they see us as a strategic partner in their success. Simply put, no one provides the level of functionality, reliability and support as Sugar at such a low total cost of ownership. Listen to what some of our customers who either migrated to or chose Sugar over Salesforce.com have to say: “ “We concluded that Sugar was a better value. Salesforce was more expensive and didn’t provide any additional benefits.” – KingWorldwide Why customers choose SugarCRM over Salesforce “Our cost is about one third of what we spent on Salesforce.com. Our data is better and we use more CRM functionality with Sugar for significantly less money. Don’t be afraid to migrate.” – RealConnections “Once I had used the trial version, I could see no benefit in staying with Salesforce. And Sugar worked out to be about a third of the price. It was a bit of a no brainer, really.” - GForces
    6. 6. Recommended Action 1. Consider the types of hidden and additional fees Salesforce.com may charge when calculating your annual CRM spend – on items like API and data overages, mobile access, and mobile application customisation fees. 2. Ask Salesforce.com to share with you their 40+ page document that outlines the myriad ways your total costs can increase based on system usage. 3. Take a look at this cost of ownership analysis of Sugar vs Salesforce. 3 Year Total Cost of Ownership. Including Hidden fees* * Based on Sugar Enterprise Edition compared to Salesforce Enterprise Edition for 100 users. Why customers choose SugarCRM over Salesforce
    7. 7. Deploy and manage CRM on your terms No two CRM deployments are alike, and your business processes and the language you use with customers is unique as well. You need a system that will allow you to make your system your own – without a lot of needless complexity or effort. Only Sugar offers a truly open, standards-based platform based on open technologies like PHP, Linux, REST and Java to make it faster, easier and more cost effective to do CRM your way. Companies like Salesforce.com choose to build their platform in a closed format that is expensive and unfriendly to customers and developers. There is zero choice in how users deploy and manage the system. Also, to build on the Salesforce.com platforms (of which there are many) – you either need to learn complex, proprietary languages, or pay exorbitant fees to “experts” to do it for you. And since Salesforce.com holds all the cards – there is no guarantee your customisations and integrations will work forever. But with SugarCRM – your CRM investments are “future proof” because we only use open, industry standard languages and APIs. Why customers choose SugarCRM over Salesforce
    8. 8. Recommended Action Look at the requirements for utilising Salesforce.com’s many platforms, and the level of skill and training needed as well as costs, versus the open, industry-standards tools offered by Sugar. Why customers choose SugarCRM over Salesforce A software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud offer, hosted and managed by SugarCRM Host Sugar in the cloud: eg: Amazon Web Services Hosted and managed by a Sugar partner on their cloud Host and manage Sugar on your own network and servers behind your own firewall A premium Sugar On- Demand service, managed by Sugar and hosted on IBM
    9. 9. A partner ecosystem dedicated to success No single CRM provider understands all the intricacies of every market, and every industry. Therefore, it is important to have a partner on hand to ensure success every step of the way. SugarCRM works in close partnership with hundreds of local, skilled CRM experts to provide every customer with the level of service they need to make their CRM initiative exceed expectations. In addition, SugarCRM partners with hundreds of technology providers to offer simple yet powerful connections to leading business applications and tools. With SugarCRM, you get the benefit of a vast network of technology and deployment partners equally dedicated to ensuring your CRM success. Why customers choose SugarCRM over Salesforce
    10. 10. Recommended Action Ask Salesforce.com how they plan to offer focused, local talent to make sure your CRM initiative stays on track, and on budget. Why customers choose SugarCRM over Salesforce
    11. 11. Laser-focused on your CRM success At SugarCRM, we focus all of our efforts on one thing: CRM. There is no dilution of focus, which means our customers can rest assured that their CRM initiatives are aligned with our strategy. Salesforce has spent billions of dollars on acquisitions like Buddy Media, Heroku, Radian6 and several other firms, none of which resulted in upgrades to their core Sales Cloud or Service Cloud CRM offerings and taking their focus away from aiding your CRM success. Why customers choose SugarCRM over Salesforce
    12. 12. Recommended Action Ask Salesforce.com what percentage of their budget goes into core CRM research and development, and not mergers, acquisitions and other technology areas. At SugarCRM – 100% of development is in CRM – which means more emphasis is placed on building the best CRM possible for our customers. When it comes to CRM, there are lots of providers. But those organisations who want innovative, cost-effective solutions that give them more choice, power and control choose SugarCRM over the competition. Why customers choose SugarCRM over Salesforce
    13. 13. About SugarCRM SugarCRM’s market-leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform delivers an indispensable tool for every individual who engages with customers. • Complete all-in-one CRM solution – no additional licence fees for additional modules (eg marketing) • 3rd largest global CRM Provider by seats (Forrester) • IBM Global Alliance Partner ( IBM has 70K+ Sugar users) • 1.2M+ users, 80,000+ organisations • Open platform providing unmatched flexibility and adaptability to business needs, and ease of integration with other applications • Value for money: annual licence fees up to 50% cheaper than alternate CRMs • Customer’s choice of hosting solution – Sugar cloud; other cloud based options; on your premises Why customers choose SugarCRM over Salesforce
    14. 14. About Loaded Technologies About Loaded Technologies At Loaded, we focus on delivering smart solutions to unlock your customer relationship potential. We utilise CRM, marketing automation and business intelligence software, and bring our business, marketing and technical expertise to the task of designing, delivering & supporting the right solution for your organisation.
    15. 15. Our clients Loaded serves clients across a range of sectors, from higher education to government; not for profit to financial services; information technology to retail. About Loaded Technologies
    16. 16. Our partners Loaded partners with world leading technology providers to ensure we have the best software, infrastructure and supporting tools at our disposal, to support client needs. SugarCRM is the world’s fastest growing CRM application. Recently named in the Gartner Magic Quadrant as a Visionary for Sales Force Automation Pardot is a leading SAAS marketing automation tool recently acquired by Salesforce.com Hubspot is a comprehensive, all-in-one marketing platform About Loaded Technologies JasperSoft is a cloud-based Business Intelligence application bringing enterprise level BI to any business Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing platform that provides flexible, scalable, and cost-effective technology infrastructure.
    17. 17. Contact Call 1300 LOADED Phone: 1300 LOADED (0282822900) Email: info@loadedtech.com.au Website: loadedtech.com.au About Loaded Technologies http://www.linkedin.com/company/loaded-technologies https://twitter.com/loadedtech https://www.facebook.com/loadedtechnologies Ground Floor, 221 Miller Street NORTH SYDNEY, NSW 2060 Australia