SugarCRM vs. Microsoft Dynamics


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SugarCRM vs Microsoft Dynamics comparison.

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SugarCRM vs. Microsoft Dynamics

  1. 1. An Overview of SugarCRM vs. MS Dynamics
  2. 2. About SugarCRM Source: Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation - Gartner, July 2013 Strengths • Mobile device, User Interface (UI) and social technology. • Flexible customization environment leverages open industry-standard technologies like HTML5, REST, JavaScript and PHP. • Attractive, easy-to-understand pricing model; customers pay the same subscription price, regardless of model. • Cloud-neutral strategy enables customers to run and move between SugarCRM deployments on a variety of cloud infrastructures at a competitive price point. An Overview of SugarCRM vs. Microsoft Dynamics Cautions • Is in the process of expanding direct sales and partnerships to support larger SFA (Sales Force Automation) implementations. • SugarCRM has shown improvement in increasing the depth and breadth of the ecosystem in the past 12 months. • One subscription price, regardless of delivery model, is easy for customers to understand; however, some customers question why they would not get a price break if they are taking on the operational burden of running software onpremises.
  3. 3. About Microsoft Dynamics Source: Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation - Gartner, July 2013 Strengths • New process-centric UI will enhance the user experience. • Increased R&D investment is applied to other Microsoft products, such as SharePoint, Lync, Yammer and Skype.. • There is a common data model with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premises offering. • The Microsoft per-user, per-month price remains at the mid to lower end of pricing for SFA (Sales Force Automation) SaaS offerings. An Overview of SugarCRM vs. Microsoft Dynamics Cautions • Reporting and analytics are not as flexible online as on-premises. Most customers with complex reporting and analytics needs will bring the data on-premises and use SQL Server Reporting Services. • Does not provide a development sandbox, which is a problem for customers that want to test development or configuration changes prior to production in the cloud. With the Microsoft Polaris release, customers can buy additional instances for testing or development in the cloud. Microsoft enables customers to develop onpremises locally. Then, through the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online solution management capabilities, users can move the on-premises configuration and customization changes to the online environment. • Smartphone (target release 4Q13) and iPad/Windows 8 tablet (target release 4Q13) show promise, but will need to be proven.
  4. 4. SugarCRM recognised as a visionary Challengers Leaders Source: Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation - Gartner, July 2013 Ability to execute Microsoft (Dynamics CRM) SAP (CRM) NetSuite SageCRM Oracle’s (Siebel CRM) Microsoft (Dynamics CRM Online) Oracle Fusion Sales SAP (cloud for sales Swiftpage Pivotal  Strength in mobile device, User Interface & social technology strategy  Attractive, easy-tounderstand pricing model  Flexible customization environment  Open industrystandard technologies Sales CRMnext Zoho Niche Players Visionaries Completeness of Vision An Overview of  SugarCRM continues to innovate SugarCRM vs. Microsoft Dynamics  Cloud-neutral strategy
  5. 5. Key Differentiators vs. MS Dynamics MS Dynamics Innovation SugarCRM • CRM is a small focus – 3 key releases in 8 yrs. • • • Look and feel of a Windows product (lots • of pop-ups) Limited non-Windows mobile support • Focused on Internet Explorer support Supports iPhone, iPad and Android through native client Effectively supports IE, Chrome, and Firefox • Limited social CRM focus (Yammer) • Integrates with common social providers such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Value • Confusing pricing depending on deployment option • • One price regardless of deployment choice No “add-ons” or hidden fees Flexibility • • Only supports Windows stack Complex customization requirements • • • Limited cloud deployment options • Large cross-platform support matrix Uses common standards (REST, PHP, multiple DB’s and OS’s) Deploy anywhere • Strong “platform push” – Outlook, SharePoint, etc. • Indifferent to non-CRM purchases Culture • • Pure-play CRM – 2+ key releases per year User-first UX An Overview of SugarCRM vs. Microsoft Dynamics 5
  6. 6. Why SugarCRM Innovation • Customer intelligence on every screen • Modern, sleek UX Flexibility • Platform agnostic • Deploy anywhere Culture Value • One price, One CRM • No hidden costs An Overview of SugarCRM vs. Microsoft Dynamics • Open community • Pure-play CRM
  7. 7. Choice of Deployment Sugar Private Cloud Sugar On-Demand Sugar on Public Cloud Sugar On-Site Sugar on Partner Cloud An Overview of SugarCRM vs. Microsoft Dynamics
  8. 8. Market Leading Total Cost of Ownership 3 Year Total Cost of Ownership* 1000000 900000 800000 Several additional hidden fees 700000 600000 500000 >$230k license savings 400000 300000 200000 Requires multiple products for marketing, sales, and support 100000 0 SugarCRM The Competition *Based on Enterprise edition and 100 users An Overview of SugarCRM vs. Microsoft Dynamics
  9. 9. Single Page 360° User interface Business Card Data View across all related records
  10. 10. User-First User Experience (UX) Inline editing Intelligence Pane Record Filtering and Search Preview mode
  11. 11. Context-Sensitive Activity Streams Filter on specific activity types Explicit relations enforced through pinning Activity related to this account automatically appears Related records automatically linked
  12. 12. Sugar 7 every customer every user every time An Overview of SugarCRM vs. Microsoft Dynamics
  13. 13. About Loaded
  14. 14. At Loaded, we focus on delivering smart solutions to unlock your customer relationship potential. We utilise CRM, marketing automation and business intelligence software, and bring our business, marketing and technical expertise to the task of designing, delivering & supporting the right solution for your organisation. An Overview of Loaded
  15. 15. About Loaded Smart solutions to unlock your customer potential. • Founded in 1995 as a web development business. • Delivering business impact through CRM, Web, Marketing Automation and Business Intelligence solutions. • Partnered with SugarCRM in 2005, attracted to open source model, flexibility and value. SugarCRM Gold Partner since 2006. • Broadened offering over last 7 years to encompass ‘total CRM journey’ with a wide range of CRM integrations enabling business impact and ROI. • Clients sectors include IT products and services; not for profit; financial services; accounting firms; retail; manufacturing/wholesale; and federal and state government. An Overview of Loaded
  16. 16. Our partners Loaded partners with world leading technology providers to ensure we have the best software, infrastructure and supporting tools at our disposal, to support client needs. SugarCRM is the world’s fastest growing CRM application. Recently named in the Gartner Magic Quadrant as a Visionary for Sales Force Automation Pardot is a leading marketing automation tool recently acquired by JasperSoft is a cloud based business intelligence application with an exciting entry-level solution offered in partnership with Amazon Web Services bringing enterprise level BI to any business An Overview of Loaded Hubspot is a comprehensive, all-in-one marketing platform
  17. 17. Contact 1300 LOADED Email: Website: Address: Ground Floor, 221 Miller Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060. Australia An Overview of Loaded