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Ad september 2014 exam final


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Ad september 2014 exam final

  1. 1. Agile Development 3 September 2014 Examination Paper Answer ALL questions. Clearly cross out surplus answers. Any reference material brought into the examination room must be handed to the invigilator before the start of the examination. Time: 3 hours
  2. 2. Page 2 of 5 Agile Development September 2014 Final © NCC Education Ltd 2014 ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS QUESTION 1 Marks a) Describe the TWO (2) main objectives of the DSDM Atern philosophy. 2 b) There are many requirements for key stakeholders in a DSDM Atern project. These assist in meeting the DSDM philosophy. Briefly describe FIVE (5) stakeholder requirements. 5 c) Identify THREE (3) reasons why DSDM Atern delivers the right business solution. 3 Total 10 Marks QUESTION 2 a) Quality control is an important part of the DSDM Atern principle ‘Never compromise quality.’ Explain what is meant by the term quality control. 2 b) Identify the key areas that are focused on during a DSDM Atern quality audit. 8 Total 10 Marks QUESTION 3 a) Produce a diagrammatic representation of where in the DSDM Atern lifecycle various levels of model are likely to be produced. 6 b) Describe FOUR (4) principles relating to the use of models in DSDM Atern to ensure they are used effectively. 4 Total 10 Marks Questions continue on the following page
  3. 3. Page 3 of 5 Agile Development September 2014 Final © NCC Education Ltd 2014 QUESTION 4 Marks a) Describe the purpose and TWO (2) objectives of the Engineering phase of the DSDM Atern lifecycle. 3 b) Describe THREE (3) pre-conditions which must be met before advancing to the Engineering phase of the life cycle. 3 c) The Engineering development cycles each consist of four stages which make up a development cycle. List these FOUR (4) stages. 4 Total 10 Marks QUESTION 5 a) Explain if DSDM Atern could be used to develop the project outlined below. Clearly state your reasons. Starspun Jewellery Ltd has expanded from a small company selling products at school fetes and through the e-commerce website Etsy, to a national business selling their bespoke jewellery to over 100 independent jewellers and a handful of large retailers across the UK. Staff are loyal and the founding members of staff are all still with the company, mainly because they feel valued and are often involved in any appropriate decision making process. Unfortunately, the administrative systems cannot cope with the expanding needs of the business. Recently particular problems have occurred with respect to predicting demand for the various jewellery designs, fulfilling orders, incorrect deliveries, and invoicing. The Managing Director wants a complete new system in place in four months. She is prepared to commit time and effort to ensure a successful outcome and has stated that some requirements for the new system are more important than others. 5 b) Describe the role of Business Advisor, and identify FOUR (4) responsibilities of the Business Advisor role within the Solution Development Team 5 Total 10 MarksJ Questions continue on the following page
  4. 4. Page 4 of 5 Agile Development September 2014 Final © NCC Education Ltd 2014 Marks QUESTION 6 a) What is the purpose of a Prioritised Requirements List and during which Lifecycle phase is it created? 4 b) Requirements go through the FOUR (4) lifecycle stages. Provide a brief overview of each stage. i. Elicitation 1 ii. Analysis 1 iii. Validation 1 iv. Management 1 c) Explain the difference between Could-Have and Won’t-Have Requirements 2 Total 10 Marks QUESTION 7 a) Describe the DSDM Atern principle “Demonstrate Control”, and explain the importance of applying this principle if a project is to be successful. 6 b) List FOUR (4) of the DSDM Instrumental Success Factors. 4 Total 10 Marks QUESTION 8 During the Exploration phases, the Solution Development Team needs to decide the overall approach to the development and delivery of the solution. This information becomes part of the delivery plan. Describe each of the three approaches below: i. Vertical 3 ii. Horizontal 3 iii. Combined 4 Total 10 Marks Questions continue on the following page
  5. 5. Page 5 of 5 Agile Development September 2014 Final © NCC Education Ltd 2014 Marks QUESTION 9 Estimates are a forecast of how much a requirement or objective is likely to cost in terms of money and person hours, and the skills required to fulfil the requirement or objective. Estimating is an essential part of DSDM Atern to help keep projects on schedule to meet their deliverables. a) Estimating is an important technique in DSDM Atern. Briefly describe FIVE (5) factors affecting an estimate. 5 b) There are several different approaches to estimating. Describe the following methods, and explain when their use would be relevant. i. Task-based estimating ii. Product based 3 2 Total 10 Marks QUESTION 10 a) All projects face risks. Briefly describe TWO (2) potential risks to the success of a DSDM Atern project. 4 b) One technique used to monitor projects is the use of Daily Stand-Up meetings. Describe the rationale for holding Daily Stand-Up Meetings, and explain what format they should take. 6 Total 10 Marks End of Examination Paper