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The marketing of gravity


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marketing of gravity

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The marketing of gravity

  1. 1. The Marketing of Gravity By Abbie Lloyd
  2. 2. The Teaser Trailer/the Trailer My opinion: To the left you will see some screen grabs taken from the teaser trailer of Gravity. I thought that the teaser trailer was breath taking and extremely effective at drawing people into realising this is not just another sci-fi space film. The Teaser trailer begins with soft melodic music and a calm tone. It begins by explaining how at 327 miles above the earth, the views are incredibly beautiful. This equilibrium and peacefulness is instantly disrupted with a loud crash. What was a slow moving, harmonious looking scene instantly turns into a very realistic, frightening action scene. This part of the trailer depicts one of the main bits of action in the film where their space shuttle is hit by debris. I feel that this teaser trailer really captures the best of both sides of the film. The slow and peaceful beginning really gives the viewer time to appreciate the amazing special effects, however the second half of the trailer really shows there to be a lot of action within the film. This dark, disturbed backbone to the trailer really draws in the viewer in order to show them that this is not a quiet and safe, space documentary-like film and that it really will take your breath away. Overall Teaser trailers help boost the marketing of gravity because they give the viewers a small look into what the film is about without giving away as much as a normal trailer. It really captures the audiences attention and increases anticipation for the films release. What the public thought: When Gravity's first teaser trailer endeared itself to said movie fans, it didn't quite hit the sweet spot for everyone. Many people today believe that their first trailer certainly would not have caused anyone to predict the films massive success. despite its amazing teaser trailer, the ambitious sci-fi flick with star power, depth, and visual awe to it did not attract many peoples attention at first. It was said to be a little bit of a let down to the company before the film was released.
  3. 3. Interviews with the Stars (star power) • star power played a highly important role in the Marketing of gravity. In an era where its importance is reasonably questioned, Bullock and Clooney are two extremely talented and successful actors who are “at the top of their game”. The former, fresh off her (previous) best career opening in The Heat, plus Clooney, a near-perennial Oscar contender both in front of and behind the camera, made for a one-two star punch that adult audiences couldn't resist. • As it was, gravity was already gaining a lot of attention and excitement from fans because of The visual appeal. The amazing visually dynamic side to the film really complemented the use of star power and elevated Gravity to a new level of anticipation. For months in advance, members of the film community buzzed about Cuarón's first film in nearly seven years. The degree of creative passion which bred technical accuracy and ambitious filmmaking excited movie fans greatly. The use of social media also helped greatly in Fuelling the “buzz” for the films release. • The Stars of the film, Bullock and Clooney, appeared in many interviews with big firms, one of the biggest being the Guardian (as it was classed as a British film). These interviews were broadcasted on TV, In the news papers and magazines and online. The Organisations that were interviewing the stars helped with the marketing of gravity because they could reach a very large audience all at once, allowing gravity to be advertised to a larger fan base.
  4. 4. Social media campaigns Social media played a significant factor in the marketing of gravity. Social media marketing in a highly effective and modernised way of marketing films because online, people are able to share their thoughts and feelings on content and express their views freely which makes the target audience feel like they are actively involved in the whole process of the film itself. By going online, you can also target a massive audience of people at once with what you have to say. Gravity had been posting strong numbers in relation to comparison films across Twitter, Flixster, and Facebook over the past few months. That underscored the enthusiasm of movie fans and, as online buzz continued growing, highlighted the potential for mainstream interest to follow.
  5. 5. Showings at the films festival • second-week performance of Warner Bros.’ space thriller may be even more impressive than those box office previews on the first week. It brought in an estimated $44.3 million over the weekend, just 21 percent down from its $55.7 million debut, the best retention rate ever for a film that opened to more than $50 million. • To put that in perspective, look at the year’s three biggest movies. • “Iron Man 3” fell 58 percent in its second weekend after opening with $174 million. • “Man of Steel” plummeted 64 percent from its $116 million debut. • “Despicable Me 2” dropped 47 percent from its $83 million first weekend. • “Marvel’s The Avengers” fell 50 percent in its second week last year, according to Box Office Mojo. Gravity was previewed at two different film festivals: the first was the 70th Venice international film festival on the 28th of august in 2013. the second festival was the north American premiere (3 days later)at the Telluride film festival. It was released into cinemas in the US and Canada on the 4th October in 2013. film festival premieres are beneficial for the marketing of a film before its release because many film critics and people involved in the film industry (including reporters, actors, directors etc.) Attend them meaning you are able to get people talking. Reporters who attend the festival may write up reviews etc. and post them online to reach a wide audience. Because there is such a large gap between the film festival dates and the release dates of the film, it offers a large time window for people to begin talking about the film and increasing the anticipation on social media and in person.