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T4CT provides Accredited Procurement Training Online, Our training includes explanation of open or restricted procedures or, where the conditions for their use are met, the negotiated or competitive dialogue procedures.Our accredited online tendering course is designed to provide affordable top class training for contractors.

Provides information and resources that cover (Request for Proposals), provides examples and question in a typical RFP Guide, enables a more detailed understanding of each topic.

The RFP and PQQ Guide provides simple answers for all the critical questions and issues related to procurement.

During each part of the course, we review each question and answer, explain the approach and content more fully, and identify web-based resources dealing with each issue.

For more information, visit http://www.tfc-training.com
for an audio presentation, -
visit http://www.tfc-training.com/sales.htm

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T4 ct procurement_training_presentation

  1. 1. 30/04/2013 Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012) 1OpenProceduresJA Procurement Activity is based on EU / JA Government Procurement DirectivesPublicAwarenessEqualTreatmentProcurement is based on;
  2. 2. 30/04/2013 2Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)SUSTAINABLE STRATEGIESWhich leads to Sustainable BusinessTraining that develops Cross-Functional AbilitiesLeading to Better Customer / Supplier RelationshipsLeading to Improvement in Management EffectivenessLeading to Improved Business OperationsLeading to License to Tender
  3. 3. 30/04/2013 3Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)EU DirectivesJA GovernmentProcurementDirectives Directives to Government Departments , Local Authoritiesand all Public Agencies EU Procurement Directives ensures SME participation inPublic Procurement activities through Open TenderingProcesses and Procedures The promotion of New Open procurement policies by JAgovernment JA Government procurement directives, policies andproceduresNEW OPPORTUNITIES
  5. 5. 30/04/2013 5Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)CLEAR VISION To be a Preferred SupplierTRAINING & SUPPORT THAT PROVIDES Services that Surpass Needs Improve Customer Satisfaction Improve Company Abilities Quality Goods - Service - Product Employee Training to meet NeedsCUSTOMER GOALS Provide Better Value for Money Provide Quality Products / Service Product / Service InnovationINTERNAL GOALS Supply Customer Requirements Provide Relevant InformationLEARNING GOALS Continuous Improvement Product / Service Innovation Empowering the EnterpriseFINANCIAL GOALS Improvement in Performance Improvement in Cash Flow Improvement in ProfitabilityMISSION STATEMENT?
  6. 6. 30/04/2013 6Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)Explain how you can bid for contracts projects, either on your own orthrough a consortium, and much more.The procurement sector spends a huge amount each year and is always lookingfor new suppliers.Our course is meant for those who own or work in a small business and wishto develop new revenue streams from public or private sector contracting.MARKET SECTORSOur course shows where to find opportunities within the public and private sector,Explain the pre-requisites of public and private sector contracting,However small your business, there are always opportunities to supply thismarket.
  7. 7. 30/04/2013 7Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012) Clear Delivered on time Concise Well Organised Accurate Error Free Lively and Interesting Reader focussed Written with Authority Contain Persuasive ContentsWHAT IS PROCUREMENT?Because procurement is not the same aspurchasing , you will have to work as a team,you have to focus on winning that particularopportunity right from the pre-qualificationstage. Documents must be;Public procurement is the a process of the acquisition goods,products, services, and works by a public authorities. Transactionsof this nature are public undertakings and governed by legalregulations
  8. 8. 30/04/2013 8Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)PROCUREMENT ETHICSProcurement should be conducted by ethical standards and lawful procedures.Ethics is a moral principle or framework of what is good and bad. Its application inthe procurement process enhances fairness in public finance management andensures that durable materials are procured at affordable prices.Whether it is vehicles for officials of government or managers in the private sector,the procurement and purchasing process must be in compliance with the PublicProcurement Law.Ethical procedures are; fairness, transparency, integrity, best value for money, anddelivery of quality and quantity at an affordable price and at the right time.The resources of the country should benefit all , it is important that procurement bedone in compliance with ethics and law so that citizens have a taste of the benefitsand not just few persons.Our approach aims to build procurement supplier capacity and increase the level ofprofessionalism among procurement suppliers .
  9. 9. 30/04/2013 9Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)
  10. 10. What must I doto improve myprospects as aSupplier?Relationships Brand ValueHow can I satisfymy clients?Do I have aquality culture?30/04/2013 10Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)Can Imanage thecontract?What I needto do to getgood result?THE OBJECTIVES
  11. 11. 30/04/2013 11Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)THE STAKEHOLDERS
  12. 12. 30/04/2013 12Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012) Clearly determine the objectives, goals and needs Ensure that you can meet the requirements of the contract. Follow-up with calls and a visit Assess the profitability of the contract Prepare and check that your proposals meet their needs Submit the proposal and if not successfulPROPOSAL WRITING
  13. 13. 30/04/2013 13Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)RISK MANAGEMENT
  14. 14. 30/04/2013 14Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)PRE - QUALIFICATION
  15. 15. 30/04/2013 15Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)QUESTIONNAIRE SCORING
  16. 16. 30/04/2013 16Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)EVALUATION PROCESSDescribe each step in the evaluation of a real-life proposal written in response to ahigh risk, high value RFP. Scoring the proposalsThis Process Includes; Imposing upset levels Evaluating the cost Developing a short list Negotiating the contract Requesting best and final offers Using references/past performanceDescribe how the Evaluation Team scores each proposal.Describe the issues and problems every proposal writer must deal with to survive theEvaluation Process Interviewing suppliers
  17. 17. 30/04/2013 17Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)These three tips are examples of how you can avoid Consortium pitfalls. Research Your Prospective Partner: Know their niche and clients , explain howyou fit into their corporate structure; show examples of past performance . Register Your Company and Capabilities: on both the Central ContractorRegistry and on your selected Partner supplier diversity portals Know What Your Partners Want To See: Focus your presentation on theirpriorities – concentrate on business they want to win -- their clients’ priorities orproblems they want to solve.Companies that are new to government contracting can increase theirchances of success by forming Consortiums .CONTRACT FRAMEWORKSA Consortium is a good way to build a track record, keep market entry costsdown and increase chances of success.A Consortium is a formal agreement with other small firms for the solepurpose of winning the contract.
  18. 18. 30/04/2013 18Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)
  19. 19. 30/04/2013 19Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)Audience: Individual/Owner/Director of any small firm – this maybe a plumber, house repairman, electrician, painter,mini-cab driver for transporting children to school, ITcompanies, in short, any small to medium enterprise.Modules:1. Tendering for Contracts Overview2. Tendering for Contracts Process3. Managing Quality in the Contracting Process4. Marketing Products & Services5. Contract Project ManagementCourse Description:This course provides detailed training to firms who wish to enterinto public sector tendering and procurement sector, it enablesfirms to be successful by facilitating and empowering their entrythrough the provision of high quality training materials. material.Course Objectives Identify tenders as they are announced. Respond to tender notices effectively. Research, prepare, and submit public sector tenders. Implement quality management systems. Marketing goods - products and services effectively to public& private sector. Managing contract project contracts efficiently.TRAINING DESCRIPTION
  20. 20. 30/04/2013 20Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012) Researching, preparing and presenting perfect documentation, Improved contractor performance at lower costs.Our programme is aimed at firms who wish to win new business from theprocurement sector, our programme addresses both public and private sectorcontracting procedures on the same principles, i.e.:OUTCOME SUMMARY Marketing Goods - Services or Products, The management of a contract project, The implementation of quality management systemsOur programme facilitates: Access to a wider range of quality suppliers Achieve cost savings in each contracting section Avoid negative public relations and / or comments Contractors will be more committed to providing quality products or services Both sides better able to establish and manage procurement 0bjectives.
  21. 21. 30/04/2013 21Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)PROGRAMME LOGIN
  22. 22. 30/04/2013 22Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)MODULE OVERVIEW
  23. 23. 30/04/2013 23Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)Third, it must permit mapping of any stakeholders specific model for instructionalsystems design and development into itself. Stakeholders must be able to see howtheir own model of instructional design is reflected by the reference model they holdin common.WHAT ARE THE SPECIFIC FEATURES OF A“SCORM COMPLIANT ELEARNING TRAINING PROGRAMME?”.The features offer the potential for making eLearning interoperable, accessible,durable, maintainable and adaptable. This is explained in more detail in theoverview of the SCORM documentation, that document states that: “There are threeprimary criteria for a reference model such as SCORM;First, it must articulate guidelines that can be understood and implemented bydevelopers of learning content.Second, it must be adopted, understood and used by as wide a variety ofstakeholders as possible, especially learning content and tool developers and theircustomers.EDUCATIONAL FRAMEWORK(SCORM) MODALITIES
  24. 24. 30/04/2013 24Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)(T4CT) - ACADEMIC MAP:
  25. 25. 30/04/2013 25Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)(T4CT) - ACADEMIC MAP:
  26. 26. 30/04/2013 26Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012) Better Training Programme Design Better Programme Training Delivery Better Training Programme Management Better Student Knowledge Management Better Analysis of Reports and Results Effective Course Feedback and Updates An Accredited eLearning EnvironmentE-LEARNING BENEFITS
  27. 27. 30/04/2013 27Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)
  28. 28. 30/04/2013 28Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)COMMERCIAL PROSPECTS
  29. 29. 30/04/2013 29Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)INVESTING IN PEOPLE
  30. 30. 30/04/2013 30Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)BALANCED SCORECARD
  31. 31. 30/04/2013 31Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)The procurement profession needs more entry-level positions to broadenthe pool of potential entrants in the future.This was the view of David Smith, commercial director at the Department for Work andPensions and CIPS president, speaking at a roundtable hosted yesterday by recruitmentagency Barclay Meade.“What we’ve tended not to have as a profession is enough entry-level jobs,” he said.“We have roles that are above entry-level and that brings an expectation of eitherexperience or some form of educational qualification, that acts as a barrier.”Smith, whose presidential theme is to encourage the next generation of procurementprofessionals, said the situation had improved but more needs to be done to enableyoung people and those wanting to go straight into the workforce to enterprocurement.“Things have changed but we still haven’t created entry points to the procurementsector that can attract those without the best degrees .” “ Learning can be vocationaltraining online or at a desk, to help people enter the profession.” Read More HerePROCUREMENT ARTICLE 
  32. 32. 30/04/2013 32Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)SWOT ANALYSIS
  33. 33. 30/04/2013 33Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)JOBS : PROPOSAL MANAGERTo include all negotiations, jointly with the Tendering Manager. ... To coordinatewith Contracts / Insurance, in reviewing the prime contract documents and ...To assume overall responsibility for managing, co-coordinating and administering ofthe Company’s proposal effort on all selected proposals.Including; - the BID/NO BID approval cycle through to submittal of the BID to theClient,incorporating the pre-bid stages of definition, planning, conceptual engineering,procurement, construction and start-up,including operation and maintenance requirements, risk assessment, estimatingand interpretation and clarification with others on contractual, commercial andtechnical terms and conditions,including the required deliverables in compliance with the RFP.
  34. 34. 30/04/2013 34Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)PEOPLE in PROCUREMENTjobs in Procurement
  35. 35. 30/04/2013 35Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)Training Induction Process SME Learning Plans SME SupportAt the end of this course, thefollowing subjects will be covered indetailOnline eLearning materials includinghandoutsSME support will include completing specific TenderProposal Documents1- Establish Course Objectives ~Tendering for ContractsResearching and developing clientcontacts of possible contract clientsDiscussion of any previous tender submission presented2- Defining individual SME MarketSectorsAssistance with acquisition of contractstender databaseDiscuss contract management and supervisory skills3- Unravelling complex problems inrelation to Finance and ContractsTender proposal design anddevelopmentDiscuss presentation practices and best practiceprocedures and techniques4- The processes involved in theimplementation of ISO 9000 – 14000 -2000Technical, procedural and administrativeprocessesDiscuss human resource managementpractices and procedures5- Best Practice in the Management ofProjects ~ The essential best practiceguideCommunication (verbal and written)using word-processing, project planningsoftware and quality managementsystemsDiscuss the Implementation of quality systems – includingvarious quality management software solutions6- Marketing your Products andServices for (contracts) ~ The (8)steps processUse of computer systemsin marketing including the Internet ~Applying good management practiceto projects7- Discuss the concept of theMentoring ProcessOrganisational issues, provide individuallearning and support plansAssessment of effectiveness of training, using feedbackquestionnaire’sCRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS
  36. 36. 30/04/2013 36Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)
  37. 37. 30/04/2013 37Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)PROCUREMENT PROCESS NotificationIn short, it provides notification of tenders to the suppliers. The tendering or bidding phase:Covers the preparing of an offer by a potential supplier The Awarding phase:This phase begins with the opening of the tenders. After checking thecontents of tenders, the winning tender is selected. The Execution phase.After the contract is awarded, the contract shall be executed by bothparties the contracting body and the successful bidder.Localization Issues
  38. 38. 30/04/2013 38Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)PROCUREMENT PROCESS Contracting Authorities ProcedureThe contracting authorities must choose between three different procedures forthe awarding of contracts. Open procedure:All interested suppliers, contractors or service providers may tender. Restricted procedure:Only those suppliers, contractors or service providers invited toparticipate by the contracting authority may submit a tender. Negotiated procedure:Direct discussions and negotiations take place between the contractingauthority and one or more suppliers.Consortiums – Bidding Teams – No Bid Contracts
  39. 39. 30/04/2013 39Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)COMPETITIVE DIALOGUE Periodic Indicative Notice (PIN):Contracting authorities are required to publish a PIN setting out detailsof future contracts. Request for Proposals:Outlines a general framework and invites you to make proposals for thetype of product or service which you could offer. Calls for expressions of interest:Ask you to express your interest in supplying a certain type ofproduct or service. Invitations to tender:Ask you to submit a bid for a specific product or service,typically used for products and services such as, e.g. printing,cleaning, studies, computer supplies.Framework Agreements – Preferred Suppliers
  40. 40. 30/04/2013 40Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)COMPETITIVE DIALOGUELegal requirements:The definition of a contractor wishing to submit a tender for the award of a publiccontract comprises any legal or natural person involved in supplies, construction andservices activities.It also includes private consortia, as well as joint ventures or groupings.(1) is bankrupt(2) is subject of proceedings for a declaration of bankruptcy(3) has been convicted for an offence concerning his professional conduct(4) has been guilty of grave professional misconduct(5) has not fulfilled obligations relating to social security contributions(6) has not fulfilled obligations relating to the payment of taxesContracting authorities may impose a requirement as to the form and the legalstatus of the contractor that wins the award.Eligibility RequirementsIn principle there are automatic grounds for exclusion when a contractor,supplier or service providerCommunity Benefits/Issues/Etc
  41. 41. 30/04/2013 41Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)COMPETITIVE DIALOGUE
  42. 42. 30/04/2013 42Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)COMPETITIVE DIALOGUE
  43. 43. 30/04/2013 43Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)HOW CAN I ADD VALUE?
  44. 44. 30/04/2013 44Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)COMPETITIVE DIALOGUE
  45. 45. 30/04/2013 45Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)
  46. 46. 30/04/2013 46Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)MARKET SECTORS
  47. 47. 30/04/2013 47Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)QUESTIONS & ANSWERS!
  48. 48. 30/04/2013 48Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)Accident and health services.Accounting and auditing services.Acupuncture and chiropractor services.Administration services.Adult and other education services.Advertising and marketing services.Advertising campaign services.Advertising consultancy services.Advertising management services.Advertising services.Aircraft-operation services.Airport engineering services.Airport slot coordination services.Air-traffic control services.Ambulance services.Architectural and related services.Assessment centre servicesPRODUCTS / GOODS / SERVICESBusiness and management consultancyBusiness & management consultancyBusiness services: law, marketing,Business consulting, recruitment,Business printing and security.Calculation & monitoring of costs.Career guidance services. -Child allowances.Cleaning Services.Company health services –Compulsory social security services.Construction consultancy services.Construction-related services.Consulting services for water-supplyWaste consultancy.Courier services.Customer satisfaction survey.Customer servicesBuilding facilities management services.Building consultancy services.Business analysis consultancy services.
  49. 49. 30/04/2013 49Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)PRODUCTS / GOODS / SERVICESCustomer-care services.Customer-loyalty programme.Data-Processing services.Dental practice and related services.Design consultancy services.Development consultancy services.Disability benefits.Education and training services.Electricity distribution andrelated services.Energy and related services.Energy-efficiency consultancy services.Energy-management services.Environmental engineeringconsultancy services.Event services.Exterior cleaning work for buildings.Family allowances.Financial and insurance servicesRoof maintenance work.Safety consultancy services.Services provided by blood banks.Services provided by medical laboratories.Services provided by medical personnel.Sewage, refuse, cleaningEnvironmental services.Sickness benefits.Staff development services.Statistical services.Supply services of personnelSupporting and auxiliary transport services;travel agencies services.Technical testing, analysis and consultancyservices.Telephone and data transmission services.Training services.Unemployment compensation benefits.Urban planning and landscapeWater distribution and related services.
  50. 50. 30/04/2013 50Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)BETTER VALUE SUPPLIEROne of the biggest hurdles facing small business when planning to bid for a contract isthe fear that they will be regarded as ‘too small’ to be considered as a potentialsupplier to a major public or corporate body.Tendering for Contracts Training provides a course that explains ways in which smallcompanies can develop successful and profitable relationships with contractproviders.To raise awareness of the value for money that small firms can offer, To explore the issues that can make it difficult for SME’s to win new business, Set out some ideas about how help can be provided.Smaller supplier....better value? - it’s purpose is;Suppliers play an important part in the government’s core business, more than 50% ofthe private sector workforce is employed in small firms, and the number of small firmsis increasing, but they are finding it increasingly difficult to compete for public sectorcontracts.Here is a booklet
  51. 51. 30/04/2013 51Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)WHAT IS A SMALL FIRM?There are two definitions of a small firm, definition (a) consists of firms with up to 50employees.A diverse group of businesses fall into this category, ranging from sole traders tosubstantial, established firms - including start-ups and social enterprises.Definition (b) is associated with ‘Small or Medium Enterprise’ (SME) - thisencompasses a wider range of businesses, having up to 250 employees.Although SMEs may not be in a position to be a prime contractor, there areopportunities for them to be sub-contractors, particularly where they can providespecialist products or services.The choice of specific sub-contractors is a commercial decision and usually restswith the prime contractor.It is however appropriate to consider the supplier’s sub-contractor managementarrangements and ensure there is visibility of the supply chain.Here is a booklet Standardization, Challenge and Opportunity
  52. 52. 30/04/2013 52Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)CONTRACT MANAGEMENT
  53. 53. 30/04/2013 53Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)This course offers practical advice to organisations of all sizes on how to go aboutentering the public and private sector marketplace. Examining in detail some of thekey issues contractors should consider when selling to this marketplace, these includethe increasing need to consider issues linked to the Sustainability Agenda –Whether you are an existing or aspiring supplier to the public or private sector,our will equip your organisation for future success. programmeIf you are pursuing any management courses – our programme will provideadditional pathways to your success.COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGEFacilitating SME’s access to public procurement:Small and medium-sized enterprises are a unique source of innovation andcompetition and account for 99.8% of the total number of enterprises in mostcountriesProcurement policy allows firms to strengthen their competitiveness and enablesthem to contribute more towards employment and growth.
  54. 54. 30/04/2013 54Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)
  55. 55. 30/04/2013 55Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)SCORM COMPLIANCE- 1, Accessible - 2, Interoperable - 3, Durable - 4, Reusable
  56. 56. 30/04/2013 56Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)PILOT WORKSHOPS
  57. 57. 30/04/2013 57Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)TRAINING PROCEDURES
  58. 58. 30/04/2013 58Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)SUPPORT THE TRAINER
  59. 59. 30/04/2013 59Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)CAPITALISING ON PEOPLE
  60. 60. 30/04/2013 60Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)TRAINING MODULE
  61. 61. 30/04/2013 61Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)ACCREDITATION
  62. 62. 30/04/2013 62Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)Each learner receives; Access to the (6) Modules online, A 290 page (5 section workbook 120 pages of support materials powerpoint & video presentations Free monthly procurement newsletters an assigned Verifier / Mentor on successful completion, A Certificate of Completion or Accredited DiplomaCERTIFICATION
  63. 63. 30/04/2013 63Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)
  65. 65. 30/04/2013 65Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)g) Career development, promotion possibilities, improvedjob or promotion possibilities for participants;a) Enhanced Competitiveness by cutting cost;b) About 25% savings on supply & purchase expenditure of companiesand organizations;c) About 75% supply lead time reduction;d) Improved performance and better relationship between suppliers andcontract providers;e) Better logistics, supply management and spend management;f) Increased ability to take advantage of emerging opportunitiesin international markets;h) Accredited Diploma / CertificateEXPECTED BENEFITS
  66. 66. 30/04/2013 66Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)SUPPORT DOCUMENTATION
  67. 67. 30/04/2013 67Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)(26) T4CT Support Persons(*)SME JOB CREATION
  68. 68. 30/04/2013 68Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)CONTRACTING PROCEDURESThe procurement processes should be properly managed by following the law becauseit is a sensitive sector and uses the largest percentage of any nations income.Procurement bodies should be sensitise to all stakeholders on what the law demandsof them, this will help reduce procurement corruption.Political interference in the procurement processes is one of the major causes ofinefficiency in the delivery of public contracts.Most of the time, politicians want to have a say on who gets the tender, even if thecontractors are not the best bidder.Political influence was one of the major factors for the increase in procurement costsand corruption.The skills learnt from our training will help participants stand up to those whowant favours and enable them to act ethicallyThe laws in most countries have good policy guidelines and regulations, but fallshort on the implementation of ethical procedures. Read Contract Notices #3 Read Case Study #1  Read Case Study #2
  69. 69. 30/04/2013 69Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)CURRENT & FUTURETendering forContracts TrainingImplementing QualityManagement SystemsManaging SmallProjectsSelling to the Public &Corporate SectorsEthical ProcurementOnline eProcurementFramework AgreementsCompetitive DialogueProcure to Pay
  70. 70. 30/04/2013 70Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)PROCUREMENT TIPS
  71. 71. 30/04/2013 71Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012) Pauline Hedges, Surrey Chamber of CommerceMany small to medium sized businesses in Surrey would welcome theopportunity to bid for the lucrative contracts put out by the public bodies andgovernment agencies in the county but lack the knowledge of where thosetenders are offered and the expertise to complete the forms. Business Link - Business Development AdvisorYour package on Tendering for Public Sector Contracts provides comprehensiveinformation for business owners who are too busy to attend public courses. British Gas Chief Procurement OfficerBeing a specialist in the field of procurement for the last 20 years and with myBritish Gas Chief Procurement Officer hat on, I believe this to be an excellenton-line training programme.BUSINESS COMMENTS
  72. 72. 30/04/2013 72Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)
  73. 73. 30/04/2013 73Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)In (1997), Lloyd Sewell (Director of Tendering for Contracts Training)identified the crucially important need for the effective training ofindividuals and firms who wish to become suppliers to public sectoragencies. He developed and successfully delivered a series ofworkshops. Programme refinement lead to endorsement by SFEDI in2004 and obtained an Innovation Grant from the Department for Trade& Industry in 2005.Programme Objectives were; -To overcome the perennial ‘chicken and egg’ dilemma in procurement suppliercapability. by providing effective accredited training and support that enables learnerstotender for, win and manage contract projects successfully and profitably.How?BRIEF PROFILE
  74. 74. 30/04/2013 74Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)BUSINESS EXPERTISE the University of Greenwich – Lecturer (IT) for business start-up Business Plan development for start-up client Business start-up and diagnostic services for enterprise agencies Business diagnostic for garment manufacturing company Tendering for Contracts training workshops Internet software evaluation consultant Web site design and consultancyQUALIFICATIONS Business Development Trainer Member of The Institute of Business Consulting Grad diploma (IT) MBA - the University of Greenwich(*) Registered Business Consultant British Credit Union Consultant Registered (Protocol National) LecturerEXPERTISE /QUALIFICATIONS
  75. 75. 30/04/2013 75Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)Tendering for Contracts Training provides online tendering and procurement trainingthat enables firms identify and benefit from new business opportunities in the privateand public .Our training has been specifically developed to assist small firms bid for contractsboth in the private or private sector, respond to invitation to tender notices, tenderfor contracts, respond to request for proposals, prepare and submit tenderdocuments, implement quality management systems, effectively market productsand services and efficiently manage contract projects.TestimonialAs a procurement specialist for over 20 years, I believe this to be an excellent on-linetraining programme, suitable for both managers / owners of firms and individuals, itprepares them to tender for contracts with confidence, and develop new businessthrough effective training that enables profitable engagement in the tendering andprocurement process.(Former Chief Procurement Officer, Centrica Plc.)SUMMARY
  76. 76. 30/04/2013 76Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)PROCUREMENT ARTICLES
  77. 77. 30/04/2013 77Copyright - Tendering for Contracts Training (1997 - 2012)Thank you for viewing our presentation on Training for Public & PrivateSector Contracts .You can preview the Tendering for Contracts course, it can be shown as part of thepresentation session.The following URL provides access to the overview;http://www.tfc-training.com/elp/index.htmhttp://www.tfc-training.com/sales.htmENDFor more information – Contact:Lloyd Sewell - Director (T4CT)Tendering for Contracts Training11 Sandhurst CrescentKingston 6JamaicaTel : 1876 366 4972enquiries@tfc-training.comCONCLUSION