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  1. 1.
  2. 2. Toothache is one of the common types ofdental problems especially for children.We know that children love eatingsweets and sometimes they forgot tobrush their teeth after eating this isusually causes cavity.
  3. 3. Cavities are cause by the oral bacteriausually known as the streptococcus mutansand lactobacilli. These oral bacteria’s arefound around the teeth and they commonlycalled as plaque. These bacteria damagethe tooth putting a hole on either at the topor side of our tooth and later on cause’stoothache, tooth loss and infection.
  4. 4. Used topical fluoride to encourage re-mineralization of thetooth and is commonly used for small tooth lesions. For thelarger lesions, dental treatment is advice to stop theprogression of cavity. Dentists perform certain dentalprocedure to preserve the tooth and prevent further toothdestruction. Others perform aggressive treatment to toothlesions like filling to cover the cavity but the damage toothis still vulnerable for further decay. Still early treatment ofcavity is the best way prevent the further appearance of thecavity and aside from that it is less expensive.Cosmetic dentists perform certain procedures to cure cavitythey cover the cavity using cosmetics that are usually madeof porcelain, composite resin and gold.
  5. 5. Tips on how to prevent cavitiesOral hygiene- proper brushing and flossing can help toprevent or remove the formation of plaque that causescavities. It is important to brush and floss teeth at least2-3 times a day to protect the teeth from the oralbacteria that builds on teeth when the oral hygiene ispoor. Mouth wash and other adjunct such as waterpicks and inter-dental brushes can also help topromote oral hygiene and prevent the bacteria frombuilding around the teeth.
  6. 6. Frequent dental check up or professional hygienealong with the oral hygiene are the things that onemust consider for preventing the appearance ofcavities. Professional hygiene includes regular dentalexamination and cleanings.
  7. 7. Dietary modification- sugar and other carbohydratesintake are usually the cause of cavity because it can de-mineralize the enamel, dentin and cementum.Minimizing snacking can also help to prevent theappearance of the acid-creating bacteria in the mouth;foods like candies and other sweets are best eaten as apart of a meal. Also eating food that has a milk orcalcium content can help in counter tooth decay and aswell as chewing gums that has xylytol content is besteaten after the consumption of food.
  8. 8. Dental sealant- is also a means of preventing toothdecay. Dental sealant covers the tooth and prevents thefood from being trapped in between the teeth. Thisdeprives the oral bacteria from building-up around thetooth.
  9. 9. These are the common ways that one must follow toprevent further complications due tooth decay. It isimportant to promote proper oral and professionalhygiene to preserve the beauty of our teeth.