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Social Media in the NEPA Process - Three Case Studies


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State DOTs and the Public Involvement process: This presentation reviews three projects that used social media in the public involvement process. Most state DOTs use social media simply to promote traditional involvement process. Best situations clearly define how, where and when public can learn about and comment upon the project and process.

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Social Media in the NEPA Process - Three Case Studies

  1. 1. Lloyd D. Brown Director of Communications American Association of State Highway and Transportation OfficialsDOTs and Public Engagement:Social Media in the NEPA processWestern Association of State Highway and Transportation OfficialsColorado Springs, COJune 21, 2012
  2. 2. What we’ll cover• Social media tools• How are they being used• Recommendations for decision-makers
  3. 3. Social media toolsWhat’s so social about today’s media?• Facebook• Twitter• YouTubeIt’s all about the conversation!
  4. 4. Most state use social media… but few actually use it socially2011 AASHTO survey of state DOTS found:• 31 states use Twitter• 26 states use Facebook• 10 states have blogs, another 10 are planning for blogs• Just 26 states have protocols for how social media tools should be used.
  5. 5. Putting social media to work2011 focus groups & interviews reportedstate DOTs barriers to implementation:• Organizational culture• Budgets• Legal concerns
  6. 6. State DOT Examples• Iowa & Illinois DOTs: Chicago to Omaha Rail Line• North Carolina DOT: Driving 95 Project• Maryland DOT: Baltimore Red Line
  7. 7. Iowa DOT:Chicago toOmaha
  8. 8. North Carolina: Driving 95 - Clearly marked - Clear expectations
  9. 9. Driving 95 on Facebook
  10. 10. Baltimore Red Line
  11. 11. Recommendations• Social media are complementary tactics• A social media plan should include:  specifics about how your agency will use social media and what it hopes to achieve,  protocols for dealing with inappropriate comments or sensitive postings,  clarifies team or individual responsibilities for regularly updating the sites  and a process for recording comments
  12. 12. DOTs and Public Engagement: Social Media in the NEPA process Contact: Lloyd D. Brown, Director of Communications American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (202) 624-5802 office (202) 677-5811 cell lbrown@aashto.org4/26/2012 12