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Why Go Mobile


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Why you need a separate mobile website:
- Growth
- Design Tips
- Things to Avoid
- Mobile Design Tool Set

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Why Go Mobile

  1. 1. Why go Mobile?
  2. 2. Mobile Usage is Growing
  3. 3. Mobile and Local Business
  4. 4. Every Market is Affected
  5. 5. How is This Affecting Website Design?
  6. 6. Good Design 101 • 80% of Screen Space Lost • Design for What Matters Most • Know our Customers • Know our Business
  7. 7. Small Navigation Image Heavy Ads on Side Busy Text
  8. 8. Easy Navigation Clean Design Targeted MobileTouch Friendly User Content
  9. 9. Which Would You Rather Look At?
  10. 10. What Else do weNeed to Know with Mobile?
  11. 11. What To Avoid
  12. 12. What To Avoid• NO Flash• NO Fixed-Element Layouts• NO Complex Navigation Paths
  13. 13. What to Use• “Less is more”• Touch and Swipe Interactivity• Vertical Navigation• HTML5• CSS3• JavaScript
  14. 14. Why do we need aSeparate Mobile Site?
  15. 15. A Separate Mobile Site• Selection• Accessibility
  16. 16. Design for Mobile
  17. 17. Design for Mobile Interactive Keep Contact Logo KeepConsiderRevising
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