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How to get the best web leads for your business


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Tips and information on how to approach digital marketing in your business. From the #ClickDigitalExpo presentation by Llew Jury, Managing Director of Reload Media on 13 March 2014, Brisbane Australia.

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How to get the best web leads for your business

  1. 1. How to get the best web leads for your business Llew Jury Managing Director Reload Media @reloada
  2. 2. It takes multiple channels
  3. 3. SEO vs PPC
  4. 4. SEO is… Competition
  5. 5. Technical Approx. 200+ Ranking Factors Algorithm changes over 500 times a year - that’s 1.4 times a day! Get your website professionally built – you don’t have to spend huge $ these days. Ensure all the basic technical SEO areas are completed by your web designer.
  6. 6. Content is king
  7. 7. Content is king
  8. 8. Selfies are content
  9. 9. PPC & Google AdWords
  10. 10. Benefits of AdWords First page instantly. Allows us to identify the keywords that work best. Can be “turned up” and “turned down” when required. Geo-targeting; target specific metro/regional areas.
  11. 11. AdWords Opportunities
  12. 12. Ad Extensions
  13. 13. Display Ads
  14. 14. Landing page Phone number tracking Simple contact/lead form Call to action “get in touch” 1.19 minute explanation video
  15. 15. Landing page Clear lead form Free DVD offer Calculator Quality blog content
  16. 16. Conversion Rate Optimisation Why is it important? Before CRO After CRO Advertising Spend $1000 $1000 Visitors 2000 2000 Conversion Rate 2% 3% Leads* 40 60 Revenue $4000 $6000 ROI $4.00 $6.00 *Lead Value = $100
  17. 17. Conversion Rate Optimisation
  18. 18. Conversion Rate Optimisation 15 day A/B split test 14 bookings (new form) VS 3 bookings (old form) Increased conversion rate by ↑385% with 99.8% statistical confidence.
  19. 19. Social Media - Trends
  20. 20. The most important SM sites…
  21. 21. The most important SM sites…
  22. 22. The most important SM sites…
  23. 23. The most important SM sites…
  24. 24. Great Video Content
  25. 25. Dominos/Vine
  26. 26. Some Final Thoughts SEO/content marketing is a long-term process. Content is king. Make it count. Links tell Google how great your site and brand are. PPC is great to generate instant exposure. And great to track ROI. Social Media is important, but not the only channel. Test, test, test….and then change to meet the market.
  27. 27. Questions