LjPicturesss - Empire Magazine Analysis


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This is our Empire Magazine front cover analysis, it is based on 'Transformers'!

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LjPicturesss - Empire Magazine Analysis

  1. 1. Referring to this edition being ‘World exclusive’, it implies that this would be the one and only place in which something like this is featured, intriguing a potential target market. The fact that it is written in a bold font reinforces its importance, again encouraging consumers. The quote ‘Meet the robots out to conquer this summer’, along with the fact that the Transformer robot is stood in front of the name of the magazine itself, suggests the likeability factor of this film and hints that it is going to be successful, it’s as if the film is going to take over – maybe a subtle hint to the films storyline as well! Also, with the Transformer robot stood in front of the ‘Empire’ title, it shows the robot’s dominance and portrays it as a strong character in the film. It also reinforces the stereotypical view of robots in which they are conveyed as powerful machines. Other pages within the magazine are shown too, but not as much as the main topic of the ‘Transformers 2007 Preview’. They are quickly mentioned as a list, again enticing the reader to what thee magazine also has in store but without taking the spotlight away from the main topic. The release date and price of this magazine is of quite a small font implying that it is not the most important aspect of this page. It’s as if the quality of the front of this magazine intizes the consumer in, making them want to purchase this and then acknowledging how much it is. It follows the same conventions as any other magazine, but some choose to oppisite this and promote the price in a larger font if the magazine is a cheap price or special offer. By stating this; the ‘Planet’s First Look at Transformers’, it again implies that this is the only place to find this exciting and new information. It let’s the consumer know that no one else has the knowledge of what is to come, suggesting that this is the number one place to find it! It again promotes the magazine. The overall colours of the magazine front cover are based around the colour of the transformer robot itself. It attracts the reader to it as it strongly relates to the subject.