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Europeana Creative WP4 @ review meeting year 1


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Presentation of the Pilot workpackage in the Europeana Creative project, given at the year 1 review meeting, 8 April Brussels

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Europeana Creative WP4 @ review meeting year 1

  1. 1. WP4: Pilots Europeana Creative Lizzy Komen, The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision April 8th 2014, Brussels
  2. 2. Project results achieved (Task 4.1) Objectives Achievements – Task 4.1 – Tasks 4.2-4.5: Pilots (incl. a demo) Challenges Impact
  3. 3. WP4: Key Objectives To produce the Pilots Delivery Plan and Content Sourcing Strategy (D4.1) To produce scope, plan and implement 5 pilots applications, each within a thematic area 4 pilots kicked-off during year 1: -Natural History Education (M4) -History Education (M4) -Tourism (M10) -Social Networks (M10)
  4. 4. Project results achieved (Task 4.1) Deliverable 4.1: Pilots Delivery Plan and Content Sourcing Strategy (M3) – Providing guidance and support for the successful execution of the Pilots – Determine dependencies with other WPs
  5. 5. Interdependencies (Task 4.1) WP1/WP2: Content Sourcing/Europeana Labs WP5: Examples for Challenge & Provide baseline for incubation phase WP6: Perform system- and user centred evaluation
  6. 6. Pilots Led by Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
  7. 7. Project results achieved Co-creation workshops for Pilots – Natural History Education, Prague (M4) – History Education, The Hague (M4) – Tourism, Mons/Verdun (M10) – Social Networks, Palma (M10)
  8. 8. Co-creation workshops
  9. 9. Project results achieved Workflow structure – Agile Scrum method – 4 weekly development cycles – Online ticket board (Trello)
  10. 10. Project results achieved Milestone 9: Delivery of the History Education Prototype (M9) Milestone 10: Delivery of the Natural History Education Prototype (M9) To demonstrate the progress of the development of the Pilot from May until October 2013 – Online demo to consortium – Milestone Documentation – As part of ongoing evaluation – Feedback incorporated into the Pilots
  11. 11. History Education Pilot (Task 4.2) Led by Euroclio
  12. 12. History Education Pilot Tools (for educators) that can be used to create online learning activities (for students) that promote historical thinking Tailored for use in history education setting and encourage interaction between students Integrated into Historiana site Focus on WW1
  13. 13. Natural History Education Pilot (Task 4.3) -2 products Led by National Museum Prague
  14. 14. 1. Museum Adventure Game -Mix of point and click adventure and hidden object game -Solve puzzles to unveil a big secret and learn about natural history -Set at Natural History Museum (Prague/Berlin)
  15. 15. 2. Europeana Kids -Memory Card Game (incl. demo) • Sašo Zagoranski, SEMANTIKA
  16. 16. Make my deck – Direct Europeana API access
  17. 17. Pilot screencasts ropeana-creative/pilots
  18. 18. Tourism Pilot (Task 4.4) Led by PLURIO.NET
  19. 19. Tourism Pilot Re-enact a painting (Van Go Yourself) The Last Supper re-enacted by pilot partners during the Tourism co-creation workshop, Mons, November 2013 Started: November 2013
  20. 20. Social Networks Pilot (Task 4.5) Led by Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
  21. 21. Social Networks Pilot Mock up by Tom Miles @ BL -Enrich sounds with Europeana materials and other websources -Invite communities to interact Started: November 2013
  22. 22. Difficulties encountered and remedial actions Lack of knowledge of Agile Scum methodology (for non developing partners) – EF, Platoniq provided an online introduction and training session (also recorded and available for other consortium members) Collaboration between WP2-WP4 – Organised 2 physical meetings between WP2-WP4 partners to ensure collaboration/communication
  23. 23. Impact Co-creation methodology developed and improved thanks to staggered approach Involvement of end-users, i.e. teachers, students for (Natural) History Education theme (endorsement) Business Model whitepaper for (Natural) History Education Practical examples of content needs from the Pilots Pilots provide input/requirements for other WPs, e.g. WP3 Business Models or WP1 Content Sourcing Pilot examples to inspire Creative Industries/Challenge event (see also pilot screencasts)
  24. 24. Lizzy Komen,