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Honda UK expands their digital strategy with Yahoo


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Honda UK expands their digital strategy with Yahoo

  1. 1. What is Yahoo Gemini? Yahoo Gemini is our unified native ads marketplace. It allows you to surface native content in context. The technology generates your ad for in-stream experience across Yahoo’s top-ranked content sites, on mobile and PC. Once you outline your audience targeting including location, gender and interest our dynamic personalization technology makes sure your ad is served to the right audience wherever they are, on any device. Yahoo brings it together.
  2. 2. Yahoo Gemini Honda UK expands their digital strategy with Yahoo Gemini Ready to get started? Contact your Account Representative, email us at or visit for more information. When the Honda UK account set out to navigate new roads in their digital strategy for the popular Honda Accord, their first test drive was Yahoo Gemini native ads. There were two main objectives in the campaign: to test new formats for Honda UK and increase reach to higher levels of the conversion funnel. Yahoo Gemini delivered on both goals ensuring a cutting edge digital media approach while also testing content-led targeting to build awareness. It also proved more cost-efficient than generic keywords. THE CAMPAIGN Yahoo Gemini native ads let Honda UK learn more about how to communicate with potential consumers at different points in the conversion funnel. Using Yahoo Gemini targeting to reach people who were interested in car related content, Honda UK rotated two different creative messages and calls-to-action to test both performance and brand awareness. 1. Performance creative emphasised the promoted finance package and prompted the user to “View Offers” 2. Brand awareness creative highlighted the USPs of the model and encouraged users to “Book a Test Drive” THE RESULTS The test ran alongside proven ‘always on’ activity. By the second campaign week promising results, especially in comparison to competitors, saw Honda UK increase the Yahoo Gemini budget. Paul Kasamias, Head Of Biddable Media UK agreed, “The benefits are two-fold, firstly Yahoo Gemini native ads sit seamlessly amongst site content providing a positive and engaging ad experience and secondly they have delivered against business requirements yielding an average CPC 52% lower and average CPL 81% lower than competitive alternatives!”. In fact, Yahoo Gemini native ads proved to be more cost-efficient than generic keywords, driving over one million impressions and 5,857 clicks at an average CPC of €0.15, 84% lower than the generic CPCs during the same period. The test also delivered 85 leads at a CPL of €10.59, 73% lower than outcomes delivered by generics during the same period.