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Au Psy492 E Portfolio Power Point

  1. 1. Undergraduate Studies ePortfolio Maria L GuyBachelor of Arts in Psychology 2011 1
  2. 2. Personal Statement I am passion, dedication and absolute determination. There is nothing in my way I cannot overcome.December 2011, I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.Immediately thereafter, January 9, 2012, I began my Master ofOrganizational Leadership, which I am on target to complete onSeptember 2012. After the completion of my Master degree, Iwill enter the Doctorate program, Doctorate of OrganizationalLeadership which I plan to complete in two years rather than thetraditional four years.
  3. 3. Resume SKILLS- Possess ability to effectively communicate with all levels of staffs as well as customers/clients of various cultural backgrounds.- Training and supervision of staffs and/or volunteers- CPR/First Aid Certified- Bilingual, fluent in Spanish. EXPERIENCE2011–Present Argosy University Draper, UtahAdmissions Coordinator- Organize and guide ADA’s through the admissions process.- Ensure student files are complete and accurate.- Revamped the filing system into an easier process of locating files.- Developed reports for chairs, and other campus officials.- Successfully became a liaison between the Admissions Department and Student Services.- Showed initiative to improve processes in the Admissions Department in order to increase productivity and efficiency.2002– 2011 State of Utah SLC, UtahLabor Commission Specialist – Department of Labor- Quickly obtained and maintained advanced knowledge of the State of Utah Labor Commission program’s laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures; including Federal EEOC and HUD laws and regulations.- Successfully increased Federal revenue for the Agency through efficient claimant processing methods.- Able to efficiently compile advanced complex agency research methods and response to over 800 claim disputes per year.- Successfully reviewed cases, applications, files, records, etc., in order to determine action to be taken by the agency.- Continually audited and reviewed State systems and practices to ensure federal compliance with procedures, regulations and standards as they pertain to employment and/or housing discrimination.- Created and maintained a well organized system of files and record keeping systems.- Acted as a client advocate for incoming claimants from around the world living in Utah.- Successfully and efficiently trained and supervised support staffs.
  4. 4. ResumeHealth Program Specialist I – Department of Health- Provided initial screening for low income clients in order to establish probable qualifications for state and federal programs.- Assisted clients by providing information about a variety of program services as well as their options and benefits for enrolling such programs (i.e. Baby Your Baby, CHIP, PCN, UPP, Cancer Control, Wee Care Program, etc.)- Instructed clients through the process of completing the forms, applications and other necessary paperwork for enrollment in available programs.- Efficiently compiled and prepared ad-hoc reports for partnering programs through retrieval of applicable data from database; troubleshoot any potential problems with reports and/or database, analyze/interpret data in order to provide statistical reporting as well as requested information to partnering programs.- Met regularly with the Immunization and Cancer Control representatives to exchange information about program policies and procedures as well as outreach efforts throughout the State of Utah.Claims Technician – Department of Health- Informed and educated low income clients regarding federally mandated Medicaid benefits (CHEC, family planning, Baby Your Baby and other health care resources emphasizing preventive care).- Functioned as a resource to the community in order to promote health care services and programs.- Resolved difficult client/provider problems, which were related to claims, enrollment and/or benefit interpretations by the public.- Interacted with and interpreted State and federal policy for the health care community.Senior Assistant Caseworker/Adult Protective Services - Department of Human Services- Accepted and successfully processed all in coming communications in order to obtain information relating to allegations of abuse, neglect and exploitation of vulnerable adults and to determine whether an APS criterion was met to warrant acceptance of a referral for investigation.- Efficiently initiated, conducted and terminated the intake process, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of information was obtained to determine the appropriate response required by the agency.- Continually checked and maintained updated the child abuse, SAFE/SAM and USSDS databases for prior referral on alleged victims and perpetrators.- Composed all investigative narratives in a clear, concise and descriptive manner.- Provided bilingual training seminars for the community within the Salt Lake County.- Successfully over saw the integration of the automated APS telephone answering system in both Spanish and English for the APS Intake Office.- Created the APS Intake Training Manual for the APS Department, which quickly trained new hires resolving Intake down time.
  5. 5. Resume2000–2002 ACS Sandy, UtahUPS Suspense Team- Alpha/Numeric entry of scanned images for UPS billing.- Download and upload all work to facilities in Spanish speaking countries. Ensured that all work was received and completed by facilities throughout Spanish speaking countries (El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico).1999–2000 First National Investment SLC, UtahOffice Manager- Responsible for writing REPC’s, responding to Addendums, counteroffers and negotiating terms of acquisition with Real Estate Agents and private sellers- Empowered to search and acquire properties through Internet, MLS, FSBO’s, County info and other resources.- Analyzed and research of properties current market value and its profit margin for the company.- Liaison between contractors, vendors, staff and city officials.- Created company documents and marketing brochures in English and Spanish.1998–1999 Utah Career College SLC, UtahContract Senior Registrar- Contracted to create the everyday maintenance and functions of the Registrar position.- Successfully increased the organization and management of student’s files and retention tracking reports.1996–1998 Centro de la Familia SLC, UtahAdministrative Secretary- Provided travel itineraries for Program Directors as well as other senior staff.- Assisted Program Director through research, preparation and submittal of grant proposals.- Organized and implemented program activities, training and seminars in English and Spanish.
  6. 6. Resume1992–1996 Catholic Community Services SLC, UtahLegal Secretary/Caseworker- Met with clients from many different cultures in order to discuss immigration options for their particular needs.- Provided bilingual legal client intakes and counseling as well as research and record keeping of client’s particular circumstances.- Conducted seminars and trainings for potential new hires and volunteers.- Empowered to provide Spanish as well as English outreach assistance to the immigrant communities throughout the State of Utah. EDUCATION2012 - Present Argosy University Draper, UtahMaster of Science in Organizational Leadership2010-2011 Argosy University Draper, UtahBachelor of Arts in Psychology - Presidential Scholar 3.5+ GPA2008-2010 National Fair Housing Training Academy Washington, DCComprehensive graduate courses in fair housing and civil rights training and education2005-2008 University of Utah SLC, UtahBachelor of Arts in Sociology GOALS2012 - Argosy University Draper, UtahDoctorate of Organizational Leadership
  7. 7. ReflectionI came to Argosy University as a transfer student from the University of Utah. I was at the University of Utah finishing my degree in sociology, when I was just not that interested in sociology. I transferred to Argosy University and quickly fell in love with psychology and it was not only fascinating but entertaining as well. At Argosy I have met many dedicated and passionate professors, which is why I have chosen to continue on with Argosy through my graduate work. Although I have only spent a year finishing my undergraduate work, I feel I have grown and learned more than I have in the past. I have learned the afflictions of others, but most importantly I have learned more about myself and what direction I want to follow in my life.Although I will not be continuing on in psychology, I feel better prepared for my pursuit of a business graduate degree and my understanding of people as individuals, how they interrelate to each other and how to make a functional unit within an organization. Through not only my sociology background, but my psychology background as well I feel more prepared than most to undertake the field of organizational leadership, which will be my focus from here on out.
  8. 8. ReflectionUltimately I see tying together my loves and passions for psychology and leadership within organizations in order to create more cohesive units. I am hoping to find my dissertation question within that realm soon.Through self-analysis I have discovered my strengths as well as the areas that I need to work on in order to perfect my methods. I found my strengths to be information literacy, written and oral communication, highly ethical, research methods, critical thinking and highly knowledgeable in general and applied psychology. My weakness is active listening which I have been working on for a while.
  9. 9. Table of ContentsCognitive Abilities: Critical Thinking and Information LiteracyResearch SkillsCommunication Skills: Oral and WrittenEthics and Diversity AwarenessFoundations of PsychologyApplied PsychologyInterpersonal Effectiveness**Include work samples and projects with a Title Page and organized accordingly to demonstrate each of the Program Outcomes above
  10. 10. Critical Thinking/Communication Skills/ Applied Psychology Theoretical PerspectivesWoody, a 42-year –old married accountant, complains of dizziness, sweaty palms, stomachaches, and shortness of breath. He has been experiencing these symptoms for more than two years with few periods of extended relief. He also experiences dryness in mouth, periods of extreme muscle tension, and a constant nervousness that has often interfered with his ability to focus on his work. Although these symptoms lead to frustration, he denies feeling depressed and continues to enjoy hobbies and family activities.
  11. 11. Critical Thinking/Communication Skills/ Applied PsychologyBecause of these symptoms, Woody has seen his primary care physician, a chiropractor, and several other specialists, but has received conflicting diagnoses and treatment, none of which have helped.Woody constantly worries about the health of his wife, parents, and children. He thinks about accidents that could happen and tries to plan to avoid them. Woody’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago. She received treatment and has been cancer free for over one year. Woody also worries about his performance at work, feeling he could be fired at any time, though his work reviews do not indicate any problems.
  12. 12. Critical Thinking/Communication Skills/ Applied PsychologyWoody’s behavior as seen through the psychodynamic theory: Woody’s unconscious fears may be surfacing through physical illness (dizziness, sweaty palms, stomachaches and shortness of breath) not explained medically through his MD, chiropractor or other specialist. Woody appears to be suffering from severe anxiety (muscle tension, dry mouth and constant nervousness) which has persisted for two years. Woody appears to be creating ego-defense mechanisms by thinking of accidents that could possibly happen and then trying to avoid them, as well as worrying about his job stability with no true indicator of possible problems.
  13. 13. Critical Thinking/Communication Skills/ Applied PsychologyTreatment for Treatment for Woody through the psychodynamic theory: Conduct structured interview and observe Woody’s behavior, administer personality tests. Determine Woody’s DSM-IV-TR: The Global Assessment of Functioning scale to make accurate treatment plan. Encourage Woody to try meditation and keep a journal of his thoughts for a month.Woody’s behavior as seen through the existential Theory: Woody’s view of his existence is convoluted in existential anxiety and worries for his family and his ability to provide for his family. Woody’s wife was diagnosed with cancer several years ago; however after treatment she has been cancer free for the past year. Woody may be trying to place meaning to his life as it has developed in the past few years as a result of his wife’s breast cancer.
  14. 14. Critical Thinking/Communication Skills/ Applied PsychologyWoody through the existential theory: Conduct unstructured assessment interview and assess behavior, perform series of projective personality test to make accurate treatment plan. Ask Woody to keep a journal and write about his worries and his beliefs. Encourage woody to seek spiritual awareness, by visiting local churches and discussing spirituality. Visit two different religions within the next month.Woody’s behavior as seen through the cognitive theory:Woody believes that he is destined to be in an accident and obsessively works at anticipating and avoiding an accident. Woody also believes that although his reviews do not any problems with his performance, he will fired at any moment and will not be able to provide for his family. Woody’s beliefs that negative forces are working against him most likely have attributed to his physical symptoms that cannot be attribute to any physiological illness.
  15. 15. Critical Thinking/Communication Skills/ Applied PsychologyTreatment for Woody through the cognitive theory: Conduct structured interview and observe behavior, administer sentence completion test. Ask Woody to keep a journal and have Woody tell himself two positive things that will happen to him every week for a month.
  16. 16. My Future in Learning Learning is a lifelong process.Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young. Henry Ford My goal is to be young forever.
  17. 17. Contact Me Thank you for viewing my ePortfolio. For further information, pleasecontact me at the e-mail address below.