Induction Training Program


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Induction Training Program

  2. 2. Induction Training program An induction training program is conducted mostly for new recruits before they start the job assigned to them in the organization. An induction program is very necessary in order to familiarize the employees with the work environment i.e. the people, the culture, the surroundings etc. so also introducing them to the company policies, standards etc. and giving them all the help and guidance they require to perform the job in the most comfortable, effective and efficient manner. The induction process begins during the recruitment and selection phase when the employers first meet the potential employees of the company. Here they can identify where the employees are lacking behind and therefore can suggest additional training that is needed to be introduced in the induction process. An induction program is also necessary for explaining to the employees the role they play in the organization and what responsibilities they are required to fulfill and in what manner or procedure. It is also essential for the employee to learn the hierarchy of the organization in order to know whom to report to, whom to take orders from and who he/she is authorized to delegate work to. During the induction program the employees are assessed simultaneously and on its completion the feedback is given to each of the recruits. This evaluation done of the employees will help the management know the weak and strong points of the employee and therefore the management can suggest other options to help them improve. Induction program will help the employees understand exactly what the company wants and does not want out of them, it will help understand how things are done in the organization and what behavior and attitudes are expected out of them The Hospitality industry The hospitality industry comprises of many small departments like accommodation, front office, restaurants, cleaning, service, laundry, cafes, clubs, gym’s etc. Especially in India they are one of the major recruiters in the service sector who recruit more than 2, 00,000 people from around the various cultures and geographies that India has. Due to this diversity it is very important for a 1
  3. 3. company to establish a common base on which the employees could establish contact with one another, be comfortable with the environment and also gel well with the existing employees of the company. It is also essential for the employees to learn how to handle clients, customers and other etiquettes that are important in performing the job effectively. There are other policies and procedures and standards that a company requires their employees to follow and maintain. The new recruits need to be familiarized with these policies and standards therefore an induction training program is very essential in the hospitality industry. So also employees need to be given training, instruction, guidance, supervision and information about the health and safety precautions that should be followed by every employee. This should also be undertaken in the induction process. Induction Training Program for new recruits at the middle level management at the Ginger group of Hotels. Ginger Group of Hotels Ginger Hotels, with its fresh and warm experience, offers a dynamic, creative and empowered work environment. The thrust in continuous learning and development provides the perfect launch pad to create a trajectory for your career and growth. At Ginger, we believe that a happy employee leads to a delighted guest. An unparalleled workplace ambience and commitment to employee growth are a given at Ginger Hotels. - Introduction The induction training program is organized for the manager and executive level new recruits in the western region of India those are Goa, Maharashtra, and Gujarat. The employees are people from diverse cultures around India. This is a common induction program designed for the managers of different departments like food and beverage, housekeeping, décor, front 2
  4. 4. office,marketing and promotion, industry level client handling and customer handling. The executives and managers employed in the restaurant and housekeeping department will undergo another separate induction process in the hotel kitchen/rooms respectively in order to gain practical experience of the working of these department. Objective  The aim of this program is to welcome all the new recruits to the Ginger group of Hotels and get them introduced to the working environment of the company.  To build the employees self-confidence, at the same time establishing their faith in the company.  Generate an appropriate attitude within the new recruits about the company’s management team.  Assisting the employees to contribute to the company’s success quickly by encouraging suggestions in the induction program.  Familiarizing them with the policies and standards set by the company.  To understand the future training needs required for the development of the employees. Program duration: 3 days Trainees: The total number of trainees who are going to be a part of the induction program are 40from various regions of the western India. They have completed all formalities required before joining. Submitted the attesting documents required and id proof. They are appropriately qualified and are now required to go through the induction program as per company policies. DEPARTMENT MANAGERIAL LEVEL EXECUTIVE LEVEL Food and Beverage 5 3 Client/Customer handling 6 4 Front office 5 0 Marketing and Sales 5 5 Finance and Accounts 3 4 TOTAL 24 16 GRANG TOTAL 40 3
  5. 5. Location of the program/Venue: The induction program will be conducted in the Ginger Hotels at Goa. The conference hall of the hotel will be used in order to provide all detail required of the company. 20 rooms of Ginger Hotel will be booked for the accommodation of the employees, with 2 employees sharing 1 room. All meals would be provided by the hotel to the employees. The departments present in the Ginger Hotel, Goa will be used 2 provide an insight to the working of each department. This venue is selected so that the employees can go enjoy the serenity of the place during free time after the end of the day’s induction program. This place will also serve as a perk for the employees joining the organization. The address Plot No. 37, 38 SGO Complex, EDC, PatoNear Passport Office, Panaji-403 001 Goa. Trainers: The trainers in charged or hired for the implementation of the training program are highly qualified and trained in the required subjects they are supposed to undertake in the induction program. Internal: the internal trainer would comprise of people from the H.R department, training and development in charge would head entire program, so also the heads of each department, the supervisors and some important people from the top level management who are a part of the organization for a long time would be called upon to take up a session in order to improve the morale of the employees. The heads of the respective departments would also take up sessions and assist in the program. External: the leadership training, soft skill knowledge necessary, negotiation skills required, etiquette building etc. would be taught to the employees from trainers who will be outsourced from Global Innovsource Solution, at Panaji Goa. This is a very efficient company which makes 4
  6. 6. learning fun and enjoyable even to experienced personnel. This company deals in providing necessary training and development to employees at different levels. Pre requisites The employees should carry the right attitude the time of the induction. It may happen that the employee already knows the concepts and has gone through a similar training program, but this should not demotivate him. He should have the eagerness to learn. They should have faith in the company management and trainers in the program. They should be willing to participate and interact with others. A two way communication is a must, the management will seek feedback from the employees to check the effectiveness of the program. Therefore a feedback form must be prepared. Stationary and all necessary items required must be kept ready at the venue The employee evaluation form should be kept ready and they must be evaluated from time to time during the process of the induction training program. Budget: Particulars Details Venue For top level managers and trainees Stationery Notepads Per unit cost 2000 5 No of Units 25 rooms 60 No of days 3 Total 150,000 NIL 300 Printing Outsourced Trainer’s TOTAL Broacher’s, Company guidelines, Training Material For communication and Leadership Program 50 40 NIL 2,000 NIL NIL 1 15,000 152,300 5
  7. 7. Induction Training Chart Day/Session numbers Time Particulars Session 1 10.30am- 1.30pm Introduction *Employees *Organisation *Management Session 2 3.00pm- 4.00pm Tour of the hotel Session 3 4.30pm- 6.00pm Department Orientation Day/Session numbers Time Particulars Session 1 10.30am- 1.30pm Company Policies and Procedures Session 2 3.00pm- 4.00pm Session on Leadership 4.30pm- 6.00pm Programmed Instruction Session 3 Training Method Learning outcome Equipments required Evaluation Evaluation Criterria Day 1- 28th October 2013 They would get to know each Based on Presentation other so that the rest of the Game requirements Extrovert / observtion they Ice Breaker , Game program can be conducted Introvert would be classified smoothly into the 2 group LUNCH They would get familiar with Orientation the work conditions prevailing Audio Visual NIL NIL in the organisation Familiarizing the employees Orientation with the working of the Presentation/ NIL NIL department Training Method Learning outcome Equipments required DAY 2- 29th October 2013 Introducing the employees to the company policies and Orientation Presentation procedures LUNCH Will help them handle their Lecture team efficiently and take Presentation appropriate decision It is a learning game after the employee finishes the first round he progresses to the next round, for the purpose of Business Game Working Papers answering the questions he is given the required matereial the previous day so that he can revise and come. 6 Evaluation Evaluation Criterria NIL NIL Leadership Qualities Rating from 1-5 Knowledge of Scores will be the assigned based on organisation number of correct acquired answers
  8. 8. Day/Session numbers Time Session 1 11.00am- 12.00am Session 2 12.00am- 1.00pm Session 3 Particulars Training Method Learning outcome Equipments required DAY 3-30th October Discussions about the working of different departments will be done by the Managers of the Buzz Meeeting Lecture/ Discussion Notepads respective deprtments. Here the employees may put forth their Questions . the employees will be conveyed the safety Health and Safety precautions that should be Precautions to be Lecture taken and how it should be Notepads taken and taken made sure that the care of subordinates also follow these prcautions LUNCH 3.00pm- 5.00pm Intelligence Session 4 5.30pm-6.00pm Interaction with top level Management Session 5 8.00pm onwards The quiz pertaining to the company and other general Business Game/ Case questions about dealing with Study/Situation customers would be asked. The Analysis supervisors and heads of the department will also join in this game acting as mentors Notepads / Presentations Evaluation Evaluation Criterria Grievience Solving NIL Precautionary Knowledge NIL Scores will be assigned to the employees on the Solution basis of the Effectiveness practicality of the solution, the effectiveness, and the presentation. Here the employees will get to Build smooth Informal Interactive interact with the top level NIL communicati Session management in a very informal on manner Dinner with all the executive, Managers, Top level Management etc After the completion of the induction Program the trainees would undergo a separate induction process in their respective region hotel. It would be taken care of by their respective HR Heads. This training would be provided On the Job. The following induction procedures would be taken care of: 1. Introduction to Staff, colleagues and Superiors 2. The process that is followed in the respective regions 3. Tour of the Hotel. 4. Information about important clients and other necessary information would be handed over to the employees 7 NIL
  9. 9. Feedback Feedback would be personally given to the employees who underwent the induction training program. The evaluation of the training program will be done by the H.R department where in the further needs of the Employees would be identified and a training program would be introduced in the future to develop the required skills. Conclusion An induction training program is very important to every organization to ensure a smooth flow of communication between the new recruits and the existing one. So also it plays a very important role in making the employee comfortable with his colleagues and work environment. Research has found out that 90% employees make their decision of leaving the organization during the first few months after joining. Therefore it is important to ensure the employee that the organization has growth prospects and can take care of the employee in the best way possible. 8