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MPRC presentation


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Presentation to District Assembly 2012

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MPRC presentation

  1. 1. District 1090 Assembly 2012 Welcome to the MPRC Break-Out!
  2. 2. Programme•  Introductions•  Outline•  Bulletins•  Press & PR•  Websites•  Social Media•  Communications & MDE
  3. 3. 2011/12 was a Good Year!•  We stopped defending negative views•  Gave the public at large lots of positive images of projects to be proud of•  Great media coverage for End Polio Now•  Charismatic RI President showing Rotary’s International strength•  Active, dynamic RIBI President ‘breaking the mold’•  Our own DG zipping around in his Poliomobile!•  DGE Judith getting us noticed in high places!
  4. 4. Lets Build on All of This!Through the Avenues of Service, Clubs do fantastic things
  5. 5. Give Rotary the ProfessionalImage it Deserves•  Tell the World about Your Achievements•  Better still, do it so well that others will sing your praises!
  6. 6. Assist in: Devising Communication Plan Information Technology PR & Photographic Advice Design & Presentation Skills PR Grants Media resources Crisis Management Training and Presentation Resources
  7. 7. PR Grants•  Publication of News Report•  Increases Awareness•  Increases Membership potential
  8. 8. Everything working together Google Analytics
  9. 9. Anything Else? Please let us know!
  10. 10. Extra ResourcesSupport from RI•  Large image bank•  Videos on Vimeo & You Tube•  Rotary Voices•  Rotary Showcase•  Rotary Public Image Co-ordinators Zone 18a: Stewart Gilbert
  11. 11. ….. And moreSupport from RIBI•  Videos (without American voice-overs)•  Information sheets•  Template PR docs•  Press Officer•  Sharing Resources & Expertise
  12. 12. How can YOU Help?•  “If you are not having Fun its Not Working!”•  We are in a recession – everyone needs light relief!•  Projects will have a serious purpose, but they should still be fun
  13. 13. PLEASE ……•  Share your good news!•  Stories & Pics to District Editor and Web Administrator•  Share your Skills and Successes•  Is all about TEAMWORK – we’re here to share!
  14. 14. Have a Great Year!….and tell the world Thanks for your attention The MPRC Team