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25 Words Of Social Media Wisdom Project


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30+ social media practitioners writer in precisely 25 words what social media means

Published in: Business, Technology
  • Excellent - very talented and 'right on' target. THANK YOU for your taking the time to address the 'key issues' in this very exciting 'life-for-real' media. Murray D Woodward, PhD
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25 Words Of Social Media Wisdom Project

  1. 1. Social Media Wisdom 25 Words of Pass it on . . . I become a follower because you engage me. You encourage and inspire me.  You put the social in social media and call me a friend. Courtney Chowning
  2. 2. Pass it on . . . Work / Life Wisdom 25 Words of It was about finding meaning, not following rules. 25 words can express an idea, question fears, offer explanation, stop us in thought Maybe 25 words can move us to start changing the world. Liz Strauss
  3. 3. <ul><li>Look for something you see too much or too little of. </li></ul><ul><li>Write a sentence about it. </li></ul><ul><li>Count the words you have written. </li></ul><ul><li>Edit the sentence until you have 25 words exactly. Notice how your idea changes as you edit and how your feelings change with each rewrite. </li></ul>It was about finding meaning, following not rules. Some arrived late. This time challenge ran July 27, 2008 - July 31, 2009. The challenge read:
  4. 4. First it was eager families gathered around the radio, then the TV set, now social networks are bringing us together in ways we never dreamed! Claire Druga
  5. 5. In this brave new world of follow and followers, follow the question and provide the needed answer That truly puts the &quot;Social&quot; in the &quot;Medium&quot;. Karin H
  6. 6. <ul><li>Cops 2.0 </li></ul><ul><li>Law enforcement agencies can’t effectively prevent or investigate Internet crime without listening to, talking with, and coming to know their community members who are online. Christa Miller </li></ul>25 Words Toward a Wiser Web Relax, then let chaos unfurl its most relevant gift: the exponentially flowering synergy of your heart reaching to understand how to help others. Suzanna Stinnett
  7. 7. Social Media: It’s *Relating,* People Tell me something that’s real. Don’t assume you know what I need. Engage with me first please.  I mean, really, engage. (read: goes both ways.) MaryS
  8. 8. Being a creator, a commentator and a sharer is what this web movement is really about. Liz Hover Photo courtesy of ittybittiesforyou via a Creative Commons Licence Social media isn’t a thing. It’s an online behaviour.
  9. 9. Our words - transformed from static text to immediate voices - build bridges between us, opening doors to new relationships, friendships, and understandings. We are forever changed. Writer-Mommy
  10. 10. 20% of clients provide 80% of referrals. Each referring client is Golden Fuel - worth 16x non-referrers. So do unto them as they unto you. Tim Tracey You don’t need to be an expert at anything for Social Media, as it is not about what you know, but about what you share.
  11. 11. The Internet is full of fail Kiddies, communities, platforms, all fail Social Media spreads the word Social Media attracts the crowds Crowds cause the fail AppFail Summer Huggins said “ When miles don’t matter, ideas are shared, problems solved; when people you might never meet cross your path, that’s when it is worth every second.” 25 Words Project For me, it's only 6 words: Own the mantra, “pay it forward.” Regina Lark
  12. 12. A community that shares together, listens to each other, offers support and wisdom without expecting payment in return, between two, between many, numbers aren’t important. ANDI
  13. 13. &quot;Good fences make good neighbors.“ But small gardens. Connect with your customers and neighbors who are talking about you right now. Tim Tracey Don’t Wall Yourself In
  14. 14. Connections Sometimes for fun, sometimes for work, sometimes for news Let it be what you want it to be What you need it to be Anna
  15. 15. Karen Putz
  16. 16. It’s more complicated than we think. It’s a lot simpler than we think. We think ourselves in circles out loud, online — everybody thinks we’re crazy. that damn redhead
  17. 17. Image credit: Elvire.R. Tim Bursch All of the cool web tools, social networks, and third party apps are absolutely nothing compared to real people connecting and making the world better.
  18. 18. “ Six degrees of separation” Theory should be decreasing its number. The people who are using Social Networks are increasing and opening their windows each other. Niro
  19. 19. Use social media to contribute something of value, or make new connections with people who can provide ideas or opportunities.  Don’t be passive! Tracy Fox
  20. 20. Twenty-five words . . . The medium of interconnection, conversation - the social glue, breaks the wall between me and you, whether mailed, phoned or tweeted its the communication rule . Joseph Crockett
  21. 21. don't just follow, l i s t e n to lethal injections, traffic, 2-for-1 specials, limes; notice my yellow umbrella, dog has the flu, hey, #sobusy, catchya next time! Jen
  22. 22. Ike said: How to be successful on Twitter: Be human. Be humane. Be yourself. Be interesting. Be brief. Share. Laugh. Listen. Learn. Repeat. That’s all you need. Using social media people can pretend to be something they aren’t, but they find more success when the let us see who they really are … Lorraine Ball
  23. 23. Dave Haber Authenticity is the key to building trust and meaningful relationships between people and brands.  To quote Brogan, &quot;Sell ideas. Sell relationships. Sell love.&quot; Pretty simple . Image courtesy of Niall Crotty on Flickr
  24. 24. Being true nudges: Expecting you devote the same,  endure and stand. Sharing authentically invites: reflect unconditionally, unreservedly. invites reciprocity of mutual benefit: community, humanity, peace. Tre~
  25. 25. Jim Storer Be nice. Say please. Be generous. Take time to teach others what you know and let them show you what they know. Say thank you.
  26. 26. Social media allowed me to find and establish my unique voice and reveal my authentic self; even with fear of judgement, I have burst forth. Rebecca E. Parsons
  27. 27. Another name for that whatsit thingamajig Web doohickey No one is all that crazy about the term “social media.” I like “social Web.” It’s a new world, so no one can really disagree. Sheila Scarborough
  28. 28. Jim McGee said: Social media wisdom, like all wisdom, comes from experience. Engaged, mindful, reflective experience. Deliberate and intentional practice will yield wisdom. Other experience need not apply.
  29. 29. Connect by FB with friends and family. Twitter to spread news, follow and RT. Blog to share and niche. Linkedin for business. Email’s almost old. nerdmuffin Keeping up with my thoughts of this or that, catching up with yours-some are fun, some meaningless, some are deep or full of useful information. Francie
  30. 30. Julie So many blog posts; so many tweets; so many friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and followers; so little time to spare.  How ever do we keep up? Photo credit: / CC BY 2.0
  31. 31. Ever find yourself in situations where you’d like to contribute, but others monopolized the conversation? Social media levels the field giving voice to the voiceless. Avil Beckford Social media gives voices to individuals marginalized and ignored by traditional media, enabling the world to hear these voices for the first time in history. Glenda
  32. 32. Tim Bursch Tracy Fox Joseph Crockett Jen Lorraine Ball Ike Tre~ Dave Haber Jim Storer Rebecca E. Parsons Nerdmuffin Jim McGee Francie Julie Avil Beckford Glenda Courtney Chowning Claire Druga Karin H Christa Miller SuzannaStinnett Mary Liz Hover Writer-Mommy Tim Tracey AppFail Regina Lark Summer Huggins ANDI Anna Karen Putz that damn redhead Sheila Scarborough Niro 25 words can express an idea, question fears, offer kindness, stop us in thought Maybe 25 words can move us to start changing the world. Thank you to everyone who participated by writing or by reading this document. Liz Strauss