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Writing process 9 4-13


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Writing process 9 4-13

  1. 1. Writing process 9­4­13.notebook 1 September 04, 2013 9/4/11 7th Grade Language Arts Agenda: 1. Turn in Grammar wkbook page 6 & 9 2. Writing Workshop Assignments: -Comment on 2 students' reading responses (F)
  2. 2. Writing process 9­4­13.notebook 2 September 04, 2013 The Writing Process One of the most important concepts to understand  about the Writing Process is that it is NOT linear; it  is recursive. This means that it is not a step by step process  that authors follow in order to create a published  piece of writing. Rather, it is a process that loops back over and  over until the author finds his/her writing to be  complete. Prewriting Drafting Revising Editing Publishing
  3. 3. Writing process 9­4­13.notebook 3 September 04, 2013 Steps of the Writing ProcessSteps of the Writing Process
  4. 4. Writing process 9­4­13.notebook 4 September 04, 2013 Prewrite  Draft  Revise  Edit  Publish  Brainstorm  Write your essay for  the first time  Check for a topic  sentence  Check for correct  spelling  Write your essay  one last time  Freewrite  Write in paragraphs  Check for enough  details  Check for correct  capitalization  Make no mistakes  Cluster  Write in complete  sentences  Check for  organization  Check for correct  punctuation  Share your essay  with others  Choose a topic  Make mistakes  Check for transitions  Check for  complete  sentences  Celebrate your  hard work!  Choose details  Include an intro,  body, & closing Check for introduction  Check for grammar  Know your purpose  Check for sentence  variety  Use proofreading symbols  Know your audience  Check for conclusion  Get help from a peer  Organize ideas and details Add, cut, move, and  reorder  Get help from a peer 
  5. 5. Writing process 9­4­13.notebook 5 September 04, 2013 Prewriting Press
  6. 6. Writing process 9­4­13.notebook 6 September 04, 2013 DraftingClick here
  7. 7. Writing process 9­4­13.notebook 7 September 04, 2013 Revise - the reworking stage! - Take a break after you draft! - Reread your writing, checking for something different each time: - introduction - topic sentence - enough details - clear organization - transitions - sentence variety - closing - Use techniques to add, cut, move, or reorder - Get help from your peer group! This stage is CRITICAL to producing quality writing! NOBODY writes perfectly the first time! Focus on CONTENT!
  8. 8. Writing process 9­4­13.notebook 8 September 04, 2013 Editing - the correcting stage! - Reread your writing, checking for something different each time: - spelling - punctuation - capitalization - complete sentences - grammar - Use editing symbols to make corrections - Get help from a peer too! Working hard in this stage makes your writing READABLE! I'll find you!
  9. 9. Writing process 9­4­13.notebook 9 September 04, 2013 Publishing - the finishing stage! - take ALL the work you've done so far - one neat, clean FINAL copy of your essay - make NO mistakes - share with others You made it! You did it! CELEBRATE your accomplishment!
  10. 10. Attachments Ideas and Content.pps