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Transitions 11 4-13


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Transitions 11 4-13

  1. 1. Transitions.notebook November 04, 2013 11/4/13 7th Grade Language Arts Assignments: -Ready for a peer edit (TH) Agenda: -Vocab Packet (F) 1. Grammar Test -Spelling Post Test (F) 2. Independent Reading -Comment on 2 students' responses (F) 3. Spelling Pre-Test -Cause/Effect Final Draft (F) 4. Cause-and-effect essay and transitions 1
  2. 2. Transitions.notebook November 04, 2013 Introduction: Abraham Lincoln and Spider-Man are not the only heroes in the world. Heroes can be extraordinary people like you and me. They can be as young as a child or as old as a senior citizen. However, as different as they might be, ordinary heroes like my Grandma Jean posses universal qualities, such as courage, determination, and compassion. 2
  3. 3. Transitions.notebook November 04, 2013 Body Paragraph One Courage, which is undoubtadly a trait that heroes display, motivates people to make positive changes in the world. In a society that believed a woman's place was in the home, my grandmother's inner strength and courage allowed her to break the mold. During the 1930s, she worked on Wall Street as the art editor for Good Housekeeping magazine, and later in her life she became the country's first Cattlewoman of the year. Even though she was frequently the only woman in a room filled with hundreds of men, Grandma Jean still had the courage to gracefully stride up to the podium to speak about the new genetic techniques that she designed to help ordinary cattlemen improve the quality of their herds. In short, her inner strength and courage allowed her to serve as an advocate for women's rights. 3
  4. 4. Transitions.notebook November 04, 2013 Body Paragraph Two Another heroic quality is determination, which enables many people to overcome challenges and difficult situations. Determined to help my invalid, wheelchair-bound grandfather live a normal life, my grandmother invented a creative way for him to roam the cattle pastures. Grandma Jean actually bought and renovated a Checker taxicab! Every afternoon she maneuvered my grandfather's lift and drove him from one field to another in his comfortable, king-size automobile. Without my grandmother's determination and creativity, my grandfather would have been trapped inside the house in his wheelchair, unable to view his beloved land and livestock. 4
  5. 5. Transitions.notebook November 04, 2013 Body Paragraph Three Although courage and determination are heroic traits, perhaps the most important quality is compassion. Without a doubt, caring about others and helping those in need make the world a more humane place to live. For 15 years, my grandmother tirelessly and selflessly cared for my grandfather. Because he literally had no muscles, Grandma Jean awoke every hour on the hour each night to turn my grandfather on his side or back so that he would not get bedsores. When Pop-Pop's hands and arms no longer worked, my grandmother fed him, shaved him, and combed his hair. Even in the face of her own devastating battle with cancer, my grandmother continued to show deep compassion by comforting and reaching out to my grandfather, other cancer patients, and her own family. 5
  6. 6. Transitions.notebook November 04, 2013 Conclusion Heroes like my grandmother are not as extraordinary as Abraham Lincoln or SpiderMan. However, their courage, determination, and compassion inspire others to make changes, overcome obstacles, and reach out to those in need. Heroes are our beacons, our guides, the people who individually and collectively promote peace, justice, love and understanding. Because of them, our world is a better place to live. 6
  7. 7. Transitions.notebook November 04, 2013 12 Angry Men Examples TS: Juror 8 voted not guilty, so other jurors started to rethink their vote. Transition: When jurors start to rethink their votes, juror 3 gets angry with most people who switch. TS: Because Juror 8 voted not guilty, Juror 3 begins to get angry with most jurors who switch their vote to not guilty. Transition: When Juror 3 gets mad at other jurors for switching their votes, all of the jurors began to explain their reasoning why he is guilty or not guilty. TS: Juror 8 voted not guilty, so all of the jurors began to explain and provide excellent reasons why he is guilty or not. Transition: Because Juror 8 explains his reasons why the boy is not guilty and other jurors explain their reasons, the boy is found not guilty. 7
  8. 8. Transitions.notebook November 04, 2013 12 Angry Men Examples TS: In the play 12 Angry Men, Juror 9 is the first juror to change his vote and agree with Juror 8. Transition: Not only does Juror 9 change his vote, he also gets in an argument with Juror 10. TS: Juror 9 is the first to accuse Juror 10 of being an angry bigot and a racist.   8
  9. 9. Transitions.notebook November 04, 2013 12 Angry Men Examples TS: After Juror 8 voted not guilty, the jury took a long time to decide if the boy was guilty. Transition: Everyone, even the judge, thought that the answer was obvious; but they took a long time and voted not guilty. 9