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Subject complements


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Subject complements

  1. 1. SubjectcomplementsUS.notebook 1 September 11, 2013 Sep 14­5:46 PM 9/11/13 7th Grade Language Arts Assignments: -Grammar Ch 1 L 8 (TH) -Spelling Test (F) -comments on 2 students' responses (F) -Vocabulary Bubbles (M) -Grammar Test (T) Agenda: 1. Independent Reading 2. Grammar sort verbs Action Verbs Non-action Verbs dangle sitting was swim am being visiting is gulp climb gallop were Some verbs show action, while others are "state-of-being" or non-action verbs. Sort this list into these two groups.
  2. 2. SubjectcomplementsUS.notebook 2 September 11, 2013 intro complements Many non-action verbs are "to be" verbs and often act as linking verbs. The words that follow a linking verb rename the subject or describe it. Click the checkmark to see all of the "to be" verbs. was, were, be To "be" verbs am, is, are been, being Legolas is an elf. Legolas is swift. Renames the subject: Describes the subject: predicate noun predicate adjective Sep 21­8:03 PM Chapter 1: Lessons 8­ Subject Complements Subject Complements: A word or group of words that follows a linking verb ; renames or describes the subject • Predicate Nouns (nominatives) PN­ defines or renames a subject o Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania. o Philadelphia equals the largest city… o The largest city in Pennsylvania is Philadelphia.
  3. 3. SubjectcomplementsUS.notebook 3 September 11, 2013 Sep 21­8:05 PM • Predicate Adjectives PA­ describes a quality of the subject o Philadelphia taste .great The is . historic cheesesteaks Liberty Bell Sep 21­8:09 PM 1. New Orleans is a city in Louisiana. 2. It was the birthplace of Jazz. 3. Preservation Hall is famous for its jazz concerts. 4. The restaurants of New Orleans are another attraction. 5. The Cajun dishes taste spicy.