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Memoir ideas prealgebra


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Memoir ideas prealgebra

  1. 1. memoir ideas prealgebra.notebook 1 September 17, 2013 9/17/13 8th Grade Language Arts Agenda: 1. Independent Reading 2. Writing Workshop 3. Literature- The Outsiders Assignments: -Questions for Memoirists/Memoir worthy experiences (TH) - Vocab Writing (F) -comment to 2 students' responses (F)
  2. 2. memoir ideas prealgebra.notebook 2 September 17, 2013 “Why write a memoir? It means the world becomes yours. If you don‛t do it, it drifts away and takes a whole piece of yourself with it, like an amputation. To attack it and attack it and get it under control- it‛s like taking possession of your life, isn‛t it?” -Ted Hughes
  3. 3. memoir ideas prealgebra.notebook 3 September 17, 2013 Moving in with my mom The summer between my seventh grade and eighth grade year I moved out of my dad’s house and into my mom’s.   It was a difficult thing to do, but my mom and I had been talking about it for some me.  She moved closer to my dad’s  house so that I wouldn’t have to change schools.  Then, when it was me to stay with her for six weeks in the summer,  we decided I would go back at the end.  My mom hired a lawyer, and I had to see a mediator.  The court appointed  mediator told me I might have to stay with my dad if that’s what the courts decide.  But I knew that I would get to stay  with my mom.  Eventually the court made its decision, and I was able to legally be with my mom.  Aer that I only saw  my dad at Christmas.  
  4. 4. memoir ideas prealgebra.notebook 4 September 17, 2013 What doesn't work in Mrs. Slavens' ineffective memoir?
  5. 5. memoir ideas prealgebra.notebook 5 September 17, 2013 Life Always Comes Full Circle 
  6. 6. memoir ideas prealgebra.notebook 6 September 17, 2013 “Qualities of a Memoir That Works”
  7. 7. memoir ideas prealgebra.notebook 7 September 17, 2013 “A memoir is how one remembers one‛s life.” -Gore Vidal “The story of your life is not your life. It is your story.” -John Barth  
  8. 8. memoir ideas prealgebra.notebook 8 September 17, 2013 The Outsiders Anticipation Guide Grade: 8 Subject:Language Arts Date:9/16/13
  9. 9. memoir ideas prealgebra.notebook 9 September 17, 2013 1 There is never a good reason to commit murder. Yes No
  10. 10. memoir ideas prealgebra.notebook 10 September 17, 2013 2 2. People can always change their lives if they really want to. Yes No
  11. 11. memoir ideas prealgebra.notebook 11 September 17, 2013 3 A true friend would never help their friend commit a crime. Yes No
  12. 12. memoir ideas prealgebra.notebook 12 September 17, 2013 4 Your best friends should always be your family. Yes No
  13. 13. memoir ideas prealgebra.notebook 13 September 17, 2013 5 A murderer can be a hero Yes No
  14. 14. memoir ideas prealgebra.notebook 14 September 17, 2013 6 In most cases, teenagers with good parents have better behavior than other adolescents. Yes No
  15. 15. memoir ideas prealgebra.notebook 15 September 17, 2013 7 The more one experiences, the more meaningful one's life will be when he or she dies. Yes No
  16. 16. memoir ideas prealgebra.notebook 16 September 17, 2013 8 Problems can usually be solved if they are communicated. Yes No
  17. 17. memoir ideas prealgebra.notebook 17 September 17, 2013 9 People make judgments based on looks Yes No
  18. 18. memoir ideas prealgebra.notebook 18 September 17, 2013 10 Suicide can be a valiant act. Yes No
  19. 19. memoir ideas prealgebra.notebook 19 September 17, 2013 Elvis  Presley The  Beatles Hank  Williams
  20. 20. memoir ideas prealgebra.notebook 20 September 17, 2013 Corvair Madras 
  21. 21. memoir ideas prealgebra.notebook 21 September 17, 2013 Paul  Newman Perry Mason
  22. 22. memoir ideas prealgebra.notebook 22 September 17, 2013