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Lessons 1 3 and writing process


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Lessons 1 3 and writing process

  1. 1. ch 1 lessons 1­3.notebook 1 September 03, 2013 9/3/11 7th Grade Language Arts Agenda: 1. Independent Reading 2. Grammar 3. Writing Workshop Assignments: -wkbook 6 and 9 (W) -Comment on 2 students' reading responses (F)
  2. 2. ch 1 lessons 1­3.notebook 2 September 03, 2013 Chapter 1, Lesson 1 Notes • Complete Subject- all the words that tell whom or what the sentence is about • Complete Predicate- the verb and all the words that complete the verb's meaning • EX: Metropolitan areasinclude suburbs Subject and Predicate Chain
  3. 3. ch 1 lessons 1­3.notebook 3 September 03, 2013 1. Albert Frey was a world-famous architect. 2. The talented Mr. Frey was 94 years old in 1998. 3. He lived modestly in a 16-by-32-foot house on a mountain in southern California. 4. The architect built his desert house in 1964. 5. This amazing house is a rectangular glass-walled shed with a corrugated aluminum roof. 6. A large boulder is in the center of the house! 7. The unusual house has a single room for dining, living, and sleeping. 8. Mr. Frey deliberately built his house with low-maintenance materials. 9. Aluminum was one of the materials he used. 10. This durable material does not need to be repainted or repaired.
  4. 4. ch 1 lessons 1­3.notebook 4 September 03, 2013 Chapter 1, Lessons 2 and 3: Simple Subjects and Simple Predicates • Simple subject- the main word or group of words in the complete subject • Simple Predicate- the verb- the main word or words in the complete predicate • EX: Many Mexicans celebrate Cinco de Mayo.
  5. 5. ch 1 lessons 1­3.notebook 5 September 03, 2013 The Writing Process One of the most important concepts to understand  about the Writing Process is that it is NOT linear; it  is recursive. This means that it is not a step by step process  that authors follow in order to create a published  piece of writing. Rather, it is a process that loops back over and  over until the author finds his/her writing to be  complete. Prewriting Drafting Revising Editing Publishing
  6. 6. ch 1 lessons 1­3.notebook 6 September 03, 2013 Steps of the Writing ProcessSteps of the Writing Process
  7. 7. Attachments Ideas and Content.pps