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Lesson 8


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Lesson 8

  1. 1. Subject Complements.notebook 1 September 10, 2013 9/10/13 8th Grade Language Arts Agenda: 1. Independent Reading 2. Grammar 3. The Rule of "So What" Assignments: -Workbook pages (W) -Spelling Test (F) -comments on 2 students' responses (F) -Vocabulary Bubbles (M) -Grammar Test (M)
  2. 2. Subject Complements.notebook 2 September 10, 2013 Action Verbs Non-action Verbs dangle sitting was swim am being visiting is gulp climb gallop were Some verbs show action, while others are "state-of-being" or non-action verbs. Sort this list into these two groups.
  3. 3. Subject Complements.notebook 3 September 10, 2013 Many non-action verbs are "to be" verbs and often act as linking verbs. The words that follow a linking verb rename the subject or describe it. Click the checkmark to see all of the "to be" verbs. was, were, be To "be" verbs am, is, are been, being Legolas is an elf. Legolas is swift. Renames the subject: Describes the subject: predicate noun predicate adjective
  4. 4. Subject Complements.notebook 4 September 10, 2013 Chapter 1: Lessons 8­ Subject Complements Subject Complements: A word or group of words that follows a linking verb ; renames or describes the subject • Predicate Nouns (nominatives) PN­ defines or renames a subject o Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania. o Philadelphia equals the largest city… o The largest city in Pennsylvania is Philadelphia.
  5. 5. Subject Complements.notebook 5 September 10, 2013 • Predicate Adjectives PA­ describes a quality of the subject o Philadelphia taste . great The is .historic cheesesteaks Liberty Bell
  6. 6. Subject Complements.notebook 6 September 10, 2013 1. New Orleans is a city in Louisiana. 2. It was the birthplace of Jazz. 3. Preservation Hall is famous for its jazz concerts. 4. The restaurants of New Orleans are another attraction. 5. The Cajun dishes taste spicy.
  7. 7. Subject Complements.notebook 7 September 10, 2013 Drag these words into place to make sentences. subject + linking verb + predicate noun subject + linking verb + predicate adjective Our refrigerator is very noisy For the past five years Mr. Wallace has been our family's accountant new
  8. 8. Subject Complements.notebook 8 September 10, 2013 Write some sentences that have predicate nouns. Subject + linking verb + predicate noun Example: My dog, Oreo, is an affectionate Dalmatian. A predicate noun renames the subject. Click here to remember...
  9. 9. Subject Complements.notebook 9 September 10, 2013 Example: My dog, Oreo, is affectionate and playful. Write some sentences that have predicate adjectives. Subject + linking verb + predicate adjective A predicate adjective describes the subject. Click here to remember...
  10. 10. Subject Complements.notebook 10 September 10, 2013 1. In the late afternoon, Sarah is walking our neighbor's dog. 2. The twins, Joe and Sam, are quite amusing. 3. This towering mountain range is the Himalayas. 4. He has been a champion for many years. 6. I am an enthusiastic fan of our city's football team. 5. For this school term I am running for school president. Put a star by the sentences that have a linking verb followed by a predicate noun or a predicate adjective. Otherwise, put an "x".
  11. 11. Subject Complements.notebook 11 September 10, 2013 SO WHAT? I remember that when I was in fifth grade I got really sick.  My throat  was raw, and all my joints ached.  The family doctor said I had  rheumatic fever.   I had to stay in bed for six months.  I couldn't walk up and down  stairs or even go to the bathroom by myself. When my dad came home from work at night, he'd carry me  downstairs so I could watch television and be with the rest of the family,  then carry me back upstairs at bedtime.  Otherwise it was a lonely,  boring time.  All I could do was read.  During the six months I had  rheumatic fever I practically ate books.  I made my poor mother go to  the library almost every day for new ones.   Finally the doctor said I could go back to school.  It was one of the  happiest days of my life, even though I couldn't run or play sports for a  long time.     ­Nancie A.
  12. 12. Subject Complements.notebook 12 September 10, 2013 The Rule of So What? • Good writing in every genre answers the question SO WHAT? Good writing has purpose, a point, a reason it was written. • The good writer looks for and finds the meanings, the significances, the implications in the subject he or she has chosen. • Sometimes the SO WHAT? is subtle and implicit. Sometimes it's explicitly stated. • Robert Frost wrote "No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader." If you don't find the deep meaning in your life or your characters' lives, your readers won't find meaning in their own. • A good writer often discovers the SO WHAT? through the thinking of the writing process. But even with hard thinking, some topics may not have a SO WHAT? These pieces can be abandoned or put on hold.
  13. 13. Subject Complements.notebook 13 September 10, 2013 Every time you write... • an itch you're trying to scratch • something the topic that intrigues you
  14. 14. Subject Complements.notebook 14 September 10, 2013
  15. 15. Subject Complements.notebook 15 September 10, 2013 Observations and impressions of My Secret  Garden
  16. 16. Subject Complements.notebook 16 September 10, 2013 "Is there a SO WHAT? Can you tell yet, as a  reader, why I'm writing about this?"