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Genre overview 8th grade 8 27-13

  1. 1. genre overview and writing process 8th grade.notebook 1 August 27, 2013 August 27, 2013 8th Grade Language Arts Agenda: 1. Independent Reading 2. Genre Overview 3. Writing Workshop- What is the writing process? Assignments: -Vocab Writing (F)
  2. 2. genre overview and writing process 8th grade.notebook 2 August 27, 2013 Fantasy A story including elements that are impossible such as talking animals or magical powers. Make-believe what this genre is all about.
  3. 3. genre overview and writing process 8th grade.notebook 3 August 27, 2013 Realistic Fiction A story using made-up characters that could happen in real life.
  4. 4. genre overview and writing process 8th grade.notebook 4 August 27, 2013 Mystery A suspensful story about a puzzling event that is not solved until the end of the story.
  5. 5. genre overview and writing process 8th grade.notebook 5 August 27, 2013 Traditional Literature Stories that are passed down from one group to another in history. This includes folktales, legends, fables, fairy tales, tall tales, and myths from different cultures. (This is also sometimes called folklore.)
  6. 6. genre overview and writing process 8th grade.notebook 6 August 27, 2013 Historical Fiction A fictional story that takes place in a particular time period in the past. Often the setting is real, but the characters are made up from the author's imagination.
  7. 7. genre overview and writing process 8th grade.notebook 7 August 27, 2013 Science Fiction A type of fantasy that uses science and technology (robots, time machines, etc).
  8. 8. genre overview and writing process 8th grade.notebook 8 August 27, 2013 Christian FictionIncorporates Christian elements and beliefs into the storyline. It generally revolves around ordinary characters who are challenged in some way to live their lives according to Christian principles.
  9. 9. genre overview and writing process 8th grade.notebook 9 August 27, 2013 Informational Texts that provide facts about a variety of topics (sports, animals, science, history, careers, travel, geography, space, weather, etc.)
  10. 10. genre overview and writing process 8th grade.notebook 10 August 27, 2013 Biography The story of a real person's life written by another person.
  11. 11. genre overview and writing process 8th grade.notebook 11 August 27, 2013 Autobiography The story of a real person's life written by that person. a memoir
  12. 12. genre overview and writing process 8th grade.notebook 12 August 27, 2013 Poetry Poetry is verse written to create a response of thought and feeling from the reader. It often uses rhythm and rhyme to help convey its meaning.
  13. 13. genre overview and writing process 8th grade.notebook 13 August 27, 2013 Drama A composition in prose or verse presenting in dialogue or pantomime.
  14. 14. genre overview and writing process 8th grade.notebook 14 August 27, 2013 Historical Fiction Realistic Fiction Science Fiction Biography Autobiography Non­Fiction FolktaleFantasy Mystery a fictional story with  real and invented  characters that takes  place during particular  period in the past   all the information is  based on the facts  and not made up   a story including  elements that are  impossible; such as  talking animals or  magical powers   the story of a real  person’s life that is  written by another  person  a story often with a  message, that was  initially passed on by  word of mouth   a story using made­up  characters that takes  place in modern times   a story that blends  futuristic technology  with science fact and  fiction   a suspenseful story  about a puzzling  event that is not  solved until the end  of the story   the story of a real  person’s life that is  written by that person   1  4  2   3  5  6 7   8  9 
  15. 15. genre overview and writing process 8th grade.notebook 15 August 27, 2013 The Writing Process One of the most important concepts to understand  about the Writing Process is that it is NOT linear; it  is recursive. This means that it is not a step by step process  that authors follow in order to create a published  piece of writing. Rather, it is a process that loops back over and  over until the author finds his/her writing to be  complete. Prewriting Drafting Revising Editing Publishing
  16. 16. genre overview and writing process 8th grade.notebook 16 August 27, 2013 Steps of the Writing ProcessSteps of the Writing Process
  17. 17. genre overview and writing process 8th grade.notebook 17 August 27, 2013 Prewrite  Draft  Revise  Edit  Publish  Brainstorm  Write your essay for  the first time  Check for a topic  sentence  Check for correct  spelling  Write your essay  one last time  Freewrite  Write in paragraphs  Check for enough  details  Check for correct  capitalization  Make no mistakes  Cluster  Write in complete  sentences  Check for  organization  Check for correct  punctuation  Share your essay  with others  Choose a topic  Make mistakes  Check for transitions  Check for  complete  sentences  Celebrate your  hard work!  Choose details  Include an intro,  body, & closing Check for introduction  Check for grammar  Know your purpose  Check for sentence  variety  Use proofreading symbols  Know your audience  Check for conclusion  Get help from a peer  Organize ideas and details Add, cut, move, and  reorder  Get help from a peer