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9 23-13 punctuating quotes


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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9 23-13 punctuating quotes

  1. 1. 9­23­13.notebook 1 September 23, 2013 9/23/13 8th Grade Language Arts Agenda: 1. Independent Reading 2. Spelling and Vocab Pretest 3. Memoir Writing Assignments: -Chapters 3-4 (T) -Comment on 2 students' responses (F) -Spelling Test (F) -Memoir Rough Draft (F)
  2. 2. 9­23­13.notebook 2 September 23, 2013 1. instigate 2. tether 3. willful 4. perspective 5. allot 6. comply 7. elite 8. amass 9. unison 10. skittish 11. perturb 12. prodigious 13. relevant 14. longevity 15. vie 16. incapacitate 17. devoid 18. grapple 19. audacious 20. myriad
  3. 3. 9­23­13.notebook 3 September 23, 2013 Chapter 11, Lesson 4- Punctuating Quotations Direct Quotations: • Use quotations at the beginning and end of a direct quotation Ex: "I can't wait to finish my homework!" exclaimed Lily. • Use commas to set off explanatory words used with direct quotations Ex: Alex agreed, "Me too!" "I dislike homework," argued Davis, "because it takes away from my personal life." "I only like reading," Elle said. • If the quotation is a question or an exclamation, place the end mark inside the closing quotations marks. Ex: "Who doesn't like homework?" asked Mrs. Slavens • If quoted words are part of a question or exclamation, place the end mark outside the closing quotation marks. Ex: Did Lily really say "I can't wait to finish my homework"? Lily did say "I can't wait to finish my homework."
  4. 4. 9­23­13.notebook 4 September 23, 2013 Indirect Quotations: • Do not use quotation marks to set off an indirect quotation. Ex: Emma said that she wants more homework. Divided Quotations: • use quotation marks to enclose both parts of a divided quotation • Do not capitalize the first word of the second part of a divided quotation unless it begins a new sentence. Ex: "Homework," Mrs. Slavens said, "is helpful for me to see how much you have learned." "Don't tests do that too?" Julia asked. "We would rather take tests everyday instead of having homework." Quotation Marks in Dialogue: • In dialogue, a new paragraph and a new set of quotation marks signal a change in speakers. Ex: Brady said, "Language Arts is my favorite class." "I agree," stated Calvin. "Not me. I like History the best," said Olivia.