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8th grade 8 23-12


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Published in: Education
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8th grade 8 23-12

  1. 1. my writing terretories.notebook August 23, 2012 August 23, 2012 8th Grade Language Arts Agenda: 1. Warm-Up: QAR Questions to be handed in for a grade Assig 2. Writing Territories nmen ts: -Lit Circl es (W -Imp ) ortan t Boo -Rea k (F ding 8/31 Log/ ) (8/3 30 m 1) inute s 1
  2. 2. my writing terretories.notebook August 23, 2012 My Writing Territories  • Family­ Doug, Taylor, Ruby, Henry!! •     Wedding on the beach in Key West!! •     Rubys obsession with the zoo, the pool, and diving on the couch • Prayers/journal • Books reviews • My mom­ everything that she went with cancer, information/memories          to share with Taylor, Ruby, and Henry      • My students­ what they do each day as they become better students • St. John­curriculum, methods, letters, scripts, presentations for other  teachers; Thesis paper packet  • Friends­ how they have influenced me; toasts for weddings; letters to  them • Short stories­ my dad, growing up • Newspaper articles for  The Sower • Teaching­ why I love it • Australia­ nature, Milo, People to People • Europe­ culture, architecture  • Mountain Dew, Snickers, and other vices of mine  • Childhood memories­ Wilma, running into a parked car, trying to put   an ad in the paper so someone could adopt my brothers • Moving Out­ of dads; to college; to St. Louis • Divorce­ essays in college; help for teenagers facing their parents  divorce • Yadi  • Meeting Moe Williams • Devotions • Football • Example papers for students •     Letters to companies  •     Masters class essays­ St. John, lessons, research •     Poetry­ I am from reading, growing up •     Diary entries with Mrs. Durst •     Journals in my scrapbook pages •     Our dream to move to Key West and start a Bed and Breakfast •     My obsession with Pride and Prejudice, especially the one        can be Mr. Darcy  •     Potty training Ruby this summer •     Growing up with my best friend Mary­grade school, high school, college •    The Grand Canyon Trip with 8th graders •     Casting Crowns­ their music, meeting them, just the right moment   2
  3. 3. my writing terretories.notebook August 23, 2012 In collecting your writing territories, consider.... • memories: early, earlier, and recent • favorites, now and then • obsessions • pets, now and then • idiosyncrasies • teachers, now and then • problems • places: school, camp, trips, times • dreams away with friends and relatives • itches • hobbies • understandings • sports • confusions • games • passions • music • sorrows • books • risks • poems • accomplishments • songs • fears • movies • worries • writers and artists • fantasies • food • family, close and distant • pet peeves • friends, now and then • beloved things-objects and • fads possessions-now and then • all the loves of your life 3