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7th grade 12­6­12.notebook                                     December 06, 2012     12/6/12     7th Grade Language Arts  ...
7th grade 12­6­12.notebook                           December 06, 2012      Assignments:      -Spelling Test (F)      -Voc...
7th grade 12­6­12.notebook                                 December 06, 2012                             Why does Johnny r...
7th grade 12­6­12.notebook                           December 06, 2012     Character Development: How do each of these    ...
7th grade 12­6­12.notebook                                                        December 06, 2012    One of the big topi...
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7th grade 12 6-12


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7th grade 12 6-12

  1. 1. 7th grade 12­6­12.notebook December 06, 2012 12/6/12 7th Grade Language Arts Agenda: 1. Warm-up: On the note card...tell me who your favorite character was and why he or she was your favorite character. 2. Literature Discussion 3. Work time 1
  2. 2. 7th grade 12­6­12.notebook December 06, 2012 Assignments: -Spelling Test (F) -Vocab Packet (F) -Yellow Sheet and Reading Log 3 (F) -Choice 2 project (M) -Vocab Writing (F 12/14) -Johnny Tremain Theme Essay (End of class 12/18) 2
  3. 3. 7th grade 12­6­12.notebook December 06, 2012 Why does Johnny rip and dirty his uniform? What happened to LT. Stranger? Why didnt Johnny help him? What was the Committee of Safety? What did the phrase "the old meeting house had been knocked into a cocked hat by a cannon ball" mean? Why didnt Rabs gun do him any good? Why did Rab give Johnny the gun? What good came out of Rabs death? Explain the statement: "True, Rab had died. Hundreds would die, but not the thing they died for? How do you think Johnnys life will change- now that Rab is gone, and now that his hand will be "good enough to hold this gun"? 3
  4. 4. 7th grade 12­6­12.notebook December 06, 2012 Character Development: How do each of these characters change during the course of the story? Give specific examples or quotes from the story to support your opinion. Johnny Cilla Isannah Paul Revere Jonathan Lyte (Merchant) 4
  5. 5. 7th grade 12­6­12.notebook December 06, 2012  One of the big topics in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is courage.  Several characters  show courage as Peter, Susan, Lucy, and several Narnians try to rescue Edmund from the White  Witch.  However, the courage starts long before the Pesinvies ever venture into Narnia.  It took  great courage for the kids’ mother to send them to the professor’s house during the war (12).   She did this in order to protect them from everything, but it must have been difficult for her to  give up her children.  Aer Lucy first enters Narnia, Mr. Tumnus shows courage by sending Lucy  back through the wardrobe instead of turning her over to the White Witch (25).  On the other  hand, Edmund, who also came through the wardrobe aer Lucy, was a coward and volunteered  to bring his siblings to the White Witch.  He then lied Peter and Susan about being in Narnia  (30).  This is also a prey cowardly thing to do.  Later aer Edmund goes to the White Witch, the  Beavers risk their lives to help the children find him and bring him home safe (50).  It takes  courage to bring the children to Aslan…..As the bale for Narnia begins, Peter shows courage  and takes his place as a leader (150).  However, the ulmate display of courage comes from  Aslan as he sacrificed himself for Edmund just as Jesus sacrificed Himself for His children (190).   C.S. Lewis shows that it takes courage to save others, and that people should not be afraid to  show courage when the me is right.    5