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11­26­12.notebook                                        November 26, 2012    11/26/12    7th Grade Language Arts    Agend...
11­26­12.notebook   November 26, 2012                                        2
11­26­12.notebook                                                             November 26, 2012     Johnny‛s Crippled Hand...
11­26­12.notebook                                                              November 26, 2012   The Silver Lyte Cup    ...
11­26­12.notebook                                                              November 26, 2012    Johnny‛s Infatuation w...
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7th grade 11 26-12


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7th grade 11 26-12

  1. 1. 11­26­12.notebook November 26, 2012 11/26/12 7th Grade Language Arts Agenda: 1. Warm-up: Geography Puzzle Assignments: 2. Grammar Review -Literature Circles (W) 3. Literature- Symbols in Johnny Tremain -"Disperse Ye Rebels" + 3 sticky notes (TH) -Grammar Test (TH) -Vocab Writing (F) 1
  2. 2. 11­26­12.notebook November 26, 2012 2
  3. 3. 11­26­12.notebook November 26, 2012 Johnny‛s Crippled Hand • physical symbol of mental obstacle o mental obstacle = arrogance and selfishness • Johnny gets his physical handicap because he is arrogant and selfish o this causes Dove to dislike Johnny and play a joke on him o the joke was to try and humble him o leaves Johnny with a disfigured arm • handicap forces Johnny to think about his identity • this allows to overcome his selfishness and arrogance • Johnny‛s self-pride turns into pride for his country 3
  4. 4. 11­26­12.notebook November 26, 2012 The Silver Lyte Cup • symbol of Johnny‛s self-centered desire for money, status, and recognition • Johnny‛s only connection to the Lyte family • the Lyte family is probably Johnny‛s genetic source of his self-centeredness • Mr. Lyte steals the cup and essentially takes away his self-centeredness • also a symbol of the world that contributes to self-centeredness • symbolizes Britain and the British mind-set of class, money, and humanity > the cup originated in England > represents Britain‛s wealth > the seal symbolizes Britain‛s power > as he looses the cup, he is declaring himself a citizen of America and not of England (pg 205-206) 4
  5. 5. 11­26­12.notebook November 26, 2012 Johnny‛s Infatuation with Lavinia Lyte • Lavinia is very haughty and beautiful and has a lot of wealth • Lavinia is like the cup and symbolizes England • In England the family you are born into is more important than your personality and spirit • Lavinia prefers London to Boston and wants to go back to London • She also hates that her father works for a living • She arranges to marry into a noble family, which secures her into a high class in society • Johnny‛s infatuation = his desire to hold onto his selfish desires • the more Johnny lets go of those desires, the more Cilla begins to overshadow Lavinia in Johnny‛s mind 5