2 19-14


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2 19-14

  1. 1. 2­19­14.notebook February 19, 2014 2/19/14 8th Grade Language Arts Assignments Agenda: • Thesis Statements (End of Class Today) 1. Independent Reading • Spelling Post Test (F) 2. Choose Spelling Words • Vocab Unit 11 (F) 3. Thesis Statements/Research 1
  2. 2. 2­19­14.notebook February 19, 2014 rancor ingenuity improvident compartments consecration credentials disheveled hysteria indignity oblivious complacent bayou callous notorious speakeasy trounce accomplice panhandling loiterer monotony exaggeration ravine ramshackle extinguished skittish convalescence capricious brazen skeptical ballyhoo susceptible dilapidated recuperate repertoire optimism 2
  3. 3. 2­19­14.notebook DC, IC Statements February 19, 2014 Examples Agenda A DC,IC statement is a complex sentence that begins with one of these dependent words. If Even though Until After Although Where Since Unless Though Before While Even if So that When Because Whenever Even Wherever As long as As if As soon as As Whether 3
  4. 4. 2­19­14.notebook February 19, 2014 DC, IC Examples If you are looking for an excellent school year, vote John Smith for class president. Even though murder is a heinous, inexcusable crime, capital punishment is not the answer. For my birthday, you should consider buying me a cell phone. 4