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10 23-13


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10 23-13

  1. 1. 10­23­13.notebook October 23, 2013 10/23/13 8th Grade Language Arts Assignments: -Wkbook pgs on subject/verb agreement (TH) Agenda: -2 comments on reading response (F) 1. Independent Reading -Supplemental Vocab list (TH) 2. Grammar -Vocabulary Unit 5 (TH) -Spelling Test (TH) -Book Review Final Draft (Th- end of class) *Be adding words to your supplemental vocab list [Mrs. Slavens will check on Thursday!] 1
  2. 2. 10­23­13.notebook October 23, 2013 Chapter 9, Lesson 2: Compound Subjects Subjects containing And • usually takes a plural verb -Emily and Olivia sit in the front row. • sometimes a subject containing and refers to a single thing -Peanut butter and jelly is my favorite type of sandwich. -Macaroni and cheese is an easy meal to make. -War and peace is the theme of the mural. 2
  3. 3. 10­23­13.notebook October 23, 2013 Subjects containing Or or Nor • the verb should agree with the part closest to it -Either ticket stubs or a photo completes your collage. -Either a photo or ticket stubs complete your collage. What's the right answer? -The cottages or the lodge (is, are) for sale. -The teacher or the students (is, are) attending the show. 3
  4. 4. 10­23­13.notebook October 23, 2013 1. Psychologists and guidance counselors have linked personality types to occupations. 2. For example, carpentry or engineering sometimes attract introverted people. 3. Paramedics and police officers seeks adventure and risk. 4. On the other hand, structure and order suits those with good organizational skills. 5. Bookkeepers or office managers typically has stable, practical personalities. 6. Problem-solving skills and strong verbal communication is useful for judges and business people. 7. Generally, neither lawyers nor the head of a company like to be told what to do. 8. Logic or good spatial perception is needed for jobs in engineering and mechanics. 9. Trial and error are one way to find the right job. 10. Neither your teacher nor your parents want to see you in a job that doesn't suit you. 4
  5. 5. 10­23­13.notebook October 23, 2013 5