Hastam training tool kit final - jan 2013


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Hastam training tool kit final - jan 2013

  1. 1. HASTAM TRAINING TOOL KIT In Hastam we believe that the right training, given to the right people at the right time can transform performance and contribute to organisational success. For almost the past three decades Hastam has been renowned for the quality of its Health and Safety training. We strive to provide courses that are challenging and state-of-the-art. In designing training we draw on insights gained from the latest health and safety research and our work as expert witnesses. We have trained people in many of the UK’s leading businesses and public organisations. All our training is tailored to our client’s requirements and, critically it is delivered by an expert in the subject. Events are based on high levels of participation and assisting individuals achieve a competent performance. We can also assist our clients to follow-up on training events and put in place strategies that ensure the consolidation of learning into workplace competence. The ultimate training solution is personal mentoring. With our expertise mentoring is a task at which Hastam excels. You will find that Hastam offers you effective training at prices that make sense. Training that delivers real improvements to your business. We offer training in the following areas: Remember all Hastam training is bespoke for your business.
  2. 2. SAFETY LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT TRAINING Creating organisational and individual competence in personal and process safety requires knowledgeable and skilful leadership and vigorous management. Hastam can assist your people deliver these essential qualities. The history of major incidents in all industries, from the Herald of Free Enterprise to Potters Bar, Three Mile Island to Chernobyl, and Piper Alpha to BP Texas City, reveals one common cause: failure of leadership. Hastam’s expert witness work related to high severity personal safety accidents reveals the same to be true for personal safety. Process and other major hazard industries face catastrophe if they do not build resilience and mindfulness of critical risk control systems and procedures at every level of the organisation. Hastam offers a range of leadership and management courses that will help develop these essential skills. Hastam offers three levels of leadership and management safety training. Our Safety Leadership Workshop is focused on the personal influence that individuals in leadership positions have on all critical elements of safety management. The event focuses on the need to accurately measure the safety pulse of their area of responsibility and take improvement orientated action when required. For organisations subject to the COMAH regulations Hastam offers two courses. Managing the COMAH Regulations is for managers new to the COMAH related responsibilities and can also be used as a facilitated review of how effectively your organisation meets COMAH requirements. It covers:  major hazard identification and assessment  implementation and operation of risk reduction measures within the safety life cycle, including human factors and safety culture issues  an introduction to process safety management systems  managing Safety Reports and the interface with the COMAH Competent Authority. The course is adaptable to all industries working within safety case regulatory regimes.
  3. 3. For front-line workers and supervisors Hastam offers Major Hazard Awareness Workshops designed to ensure individuals in safety critical roles fully understand what they need to do to support the robust control of major hazards. Both courses are aimed at helping organisations to know the truth about how effectively their major hazards are being controlled and take timely and cost effective action to correct weaknesses and continually improve. Hastam’s Managing Major Hazards Course is our most in-depth safety management course and is effectively an expanded version of the COMAH course. Critical elements are covered in greater depth, such as the use of lead performance indicators and understanding legislative requirements. The course takes advantage of Hastam’s experience of delivering post-graduate training to Masters (MSc) level. There is an emphasis on application of the knowledge gained to attendees own work places. All courses make use of Hastam’s expert witness involvement in high profile cases such as the Buncefield fuel terminal, Port Talbot steelworks explosion and the Potter’s Bar rail crash. Where required, attendees can be formally assessed using both knowledge testing and a work based project. This can give an added benefit of providing a series of independently reviewed studies of important elements of major hazard management in their organisations. The principles and practices taught are equally applicable to managing high severity and complex personal safety hazards. THE NATIONAL SKILLS ACADEMY FOR THE PROCESS INDUSTRY COURSES Hastam is now able to offer the National Skills Academy (NSA) for the Process Industry’s Process Safety Leadership course for directors and senior managers and Process Safety Management courses for all managers with process safety responsibilities, for which we are an accredited provider. The key elements are:  recognising and accepting the need for safety leadership;  the critical elements of process safety to which leadership needs to be applied;  the essential leadership skills to develop a resilient and mindful safety culture;  ensuring optimum management of both process and personal safety. The learning objectives of these courses have been developed by an industry and regulator expert panel. Hastam are working closely with the NSA to ensure the courses provide a powerful learning experience adaptable to all high hazard industries.
  4. 4. PROJECT RISK MANAGEMENT TRAINING Good risk management lies at the heart of the successful project – delivering its objectives on time, in full, without harm. Plan in sufficient detail to ensure that all project risks are well managed and you will be planning success into your project. Whatever the project, big or small; whether construction, engineering, infrastructure, regeneration or installing new plant or modifying processes, Hastam’s Project Risk Management training will help deliver a safe and successful project. The course is based on training that has been successfully delivered by Hastam personnel to global businesses and major UK infrastructure organisations. The training can be tailored to fit with any project management system. Those attending will be given a comprehensive, step-by-step overview of the principles and practical actions required to safeguard a project. The practical exercises, which Hastam will align with a client’s precise requirements, encourage delegates to complete the type of processes that they will encounter in contributing to the successful management of any significant project. This training has the potential to save time, cost and aggravation as attendees apply the principles and take action to build risk management into the core of the project. The course aims to foster competence and provide the underpinning knowledge that enables people to be confident in their project management role, able to see what is required, influence others and deliver success. This course can be designed to be assessed and certificated by an external awarding body.
  5. 5. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT Having the skills to effectively investigate non-conformities and identify and implement appropriate corrective actions is a competence that every manager should be able to demonstrate, as is the ability to preside over an appropriate audit regime. With training from Hastam they can. Incident and Non-conformity Investigation is a demanding workshop that explores the practical skills needed to discover the ‘truth’ about what caused an incident and determine the preventative action required. To investigate effectively managers need to be able to: collect, collate, and analyse facts and assess their implications. They must avoid assumptions and bias. They must identify a range of possible solutions and recommend the most cost effective course of action to avoid a reoccurrence of the issue or incident. Following the guidance and process provided by this course is guaranteed to improve all investigations and avoid unnecessary time wasting and expenditure. Our Interview Skills course will give delegates the insight and opportunity to practice the key skills that can then be transferred to the workplace. Being able to interview to determine and record facts is important in many situations but in investigations it is indispensable. Hastam’s experience shows that successful interviewing is not a skill that comes naturally to most people. Few managers have the level of interview skills needed for investigation and as a consequence interview based evidence is often flawed and contains many assumptions. Given an appreciation of the techniques needed, the numerous traps can be avoided and proficiency can be readily developed. Designed for managers, this course can enhance performance in those areas of day-to-day management where applying searching interviewing techniques that reveal the ‘truth’ is essential. Managers in organisations with appropriately defined and vigorous monitoring /auditing processes tend to have fewer unpredicted incidents as they are able to identify issues and apply corrective actions early. Our Taking Control course will give delegates the skills necessary to plan and conduct effective audits of health and safety management systems. Applying the training from this course will ensure that that an appropriate system and standards are in place, robust data collection techniques are used, data is recorded and analysed correctly and feedback leads to improvement.
  6. 6. HUMAN FACTORS AND BEHAVIOURS Having employees motivated to work safely, look after themselves and others and contribute to improvement is a necessity for every business. Working with Hastam can make it a reality. Hastam’s training in behaviours and human factors include: motivational workshops for Directors, Managers, Supervisors and Work-teams. The training is designed to heighten awareness of why and how people have accidents and create an understanding of the key cultural, physical and psychological factors. The potential personal consequences are also explored. The events examine and emphasise what individuals can do to avoid injures to themselves and others in the workplace. The events challenge delegates to change their personal behaviours and make safety management more robust. Effective risk management requires everyone in the work team to understand the ‘true’ nature of the hazards they face, the risks these create and agree the effective control measures. Team Risk is a facilitated ½ day workshop that creates that understanding and consensus as to how team members will manage specific risks. Simple, straightforward and thought provoking this process makes risk assessment a team exercise that addresses misunderstandings, anxieties, blasé attitudes and creates a common commitment to practical control measures. It provides a process that supervisors and managers can use with their teams to conduct and review risk assessments so that they become living documents that reflect the real safety challenges of the workplace. Giving managers, supervisors and safety representatives the competence and confidence to talk about safety with individuals or small groups and achieve changes in behaviour is a critical part of a successful behavioural process. Talking About Safety is practical skills development training that goes beyond the usual behavioural safety concept of observation and feedback to create constructive two-way dialogue that leads to mutual trust and understanding, strengthened awareness of and commitment to safety, and specific improvement actions where needed.
  7. 7. Taking Safety Seriously creates a different way to ensure that managers and supervisors are actively engaged in managing those safety issues that really matter to your business. This interactive workshop is based on a case-study approach in which delegates work through a number of serious safety incidents, confronted with their consequences and are assisted to understand the factors that contributed to their occurrence. They are then challenged to consider these factors from their work perspective, and how they might relate to their role and the processes and people they manage. The workshop demonstrates the practical actions required and focuses attention on the essential aspects of day-to-day safety management. If you really want to make the point to managers that safety is a serious business then employee Hastam to facilitate ‘Your day in Court’. Some people really grasp the seriousness of the safety message when they are helped to understand that getting safety wrong can result in a court appearance, a potential criminal record or serious damage to their and their employer’s reputation. This event makes the point in a very dramatic manner This one-day training event simulates the proceedings in a Magistrates Court which is trying a safety case against your company. It allows delegates to understanding the role of the court and experience, first hand, the challenge of defending their management of safety. Designed around a scenario that could realistically occur in your workplace, delegates role play the various aspects of a trial. Where feasible, Hastam stage this event in a real courtroom creating an unforgettable experience. A follow-up day can be designed into the proceedings in which delegates unpack the case and consider the practical steps necessary to prevent their appearance in a real court situation. All Hastam training is designed for your business and delivered by experts!
  8. 8. MENTORING One-to-one personal professional development with expert support. From time-to-time attending a training course is not the most appropriate way of meeting a development need. A more personalised package of support is required. Support that creates the opportunity to:  review a business challenge, strategic issues, policies or procedures  explore alternative approaches  extend an existing skill set  develop completely new skills  address a problem area and formulate a solution  develop new methodologies and approaches  learn from an expert. Mentoring is an effective means of professional development for both individuals and small teams. It can be the ideal development methodology for busy managers and directors. Surprisingly, it can be very cost-effective as client and mentor can work together to ensure that key business objectives are realised and that essential skills become part of the organisation’s repertoire. Each of Hastam’s experts has many years of experience in a wide range of practical situations related to safety and health management. They are leaders in their field and often authors of key publications that have advanced the field or are standard textbooks. They are pragmatic and understand that one size does not fit all. They have the expertise and personal skills to provide objective support and challenge whilst helping their client develop and implement robust solutions. A few days of mentoring can make a life time of difference!