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Take Control of Your Job Search!


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Job-seekers have been treated like dirt by employers and recruiters for way too long. Human Workplace CEO and Founder Liz Ryan explains how to take control of your job search to get a job that deserves you -- not just the first job that comes along!

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Take Control of Your Job Search!

  1. Take Control of Your Job Search!
  2. Let’s be honest Job-seekers have been treated like dirt for way too long.
  3. Why is that? There was a worldwide recession. Employers got used to the idea that there were tons of qualified people to do any job they might want to have done. Sadly, a lot of organizations got used to treating job-seekers like garbage.
  4. I come from that world I was the SVP of HR for a Fortune 500 company. I come from the corporate world, and now my teammates and I teach employers how to get (and hang onto) great people by treating them like gold! We also teach job-seekers how to stand in their power and get great jobs that deserve them.
  5. Job-seekers have the wrong idea Lots of job-seeking people think that the way to get a great job is to let recruiters, HR folks and hiring managers walk all over them. They can leave you sitting by the phone waiting for a callback after an interview, and you’ll say “That’s okay!” They can even lie to you. That’s NOT okay. You deserve better, but you have to make your requirements known!
  6. Not every job deserves you If you want to get a job that deserves your talents – versus the first job that comes along – you have to do some work in advance. You have to know what you want. You have to be clear about your requirements. You have to know the market, of course. You can’t say “I want to make a million dollars a year and work three hours a day.” You have to know what kinds of jobs you’re qualified for and interested in, and what those jobs pay.
  7. How will I get that information? You’ll start by deciding on your next career path. You don’t have to find a new job doing the same kind of work you’ve always done. You can reinvent yourself at any age!
  8. You have to do your research Use Salary and Payscale to determine what people get paid when they do the same kinds of jobs you want to do. Now you’ll have an idea of what you can (and must) ask for compensation-wise.
  9. Make a Target Employer List Make a list of the Target Employers you plan to reach out to in your job search. Planning is the most important part of job- hunting!
  10. Build Your Brand You will need a Human-Voiced Resume™, a LinkedIn profile and a consulting business card. “Wait, Liz Ryan! I’m not a consultant!” You are now, my darling! I just waved my magic wand over you. You’re a consultant now, and you’ll need a consulting business card.
  11. What is a Human-Voiced Resume™? A Human-Voiced Resume™ is a resume. It’s typed on paper like any resume, but it sounds like a human being is talking to you when you read it. Your Human-Voiced Resume™ will bring across your awesomeness way better than a traditional, boring zombie resume ever could!
  12. What else do I need? You’re almost there! You’re going to skip the online application portals and write to each of your hiring managers directly at his or her desk. Your hiring manager is the person who will be your boss in your new job.
  13. How will I get the stuff I need? You can read my columns. I write about these topics on LinkedIn and Forbes and on the Human Workplace Blog. If you want to learn step-by-step how to take control of your job search, join us in a Four-Week or 12-Week Virtual Course! Our new virtual courses begin on Saturday, November 7th.
  14. Which course should I take? To learn the non-traditional and super-effective job search methods I’ve been talking about in this presentation, join the virtual course Get the Job You Deserve in one of these three versions: • Fast four-week edition of Get the Job You Deserve ($129) • Standard 12-Week edition of Get the Job You Deserve ($299) • Total immersion Advanced edition of Get the Job You Deserve ($599)
  15. Questions for us? Reach us here! Our mission at Human Workplace is to reinvent work for people. Remember that only the people who get you, deserve you!