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AzLA 2010 final


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Arizona Libraries Assoc annual meeting, presentation for half-day workshop with Liz Danforth and Don Dehm. 15 Nov 2010.

Published in: Education
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AzLA 2010 final

  1. 1. GET LUCKY Gaming Beyond Monopoly and Rock Band Liz Danforth Don Dehm Arizona Library Association Annual Meeting Phoenix, Arizona November 15, 2010
  2. 2. Lucky?
  3. 3. LUCKY! Preparedness + Opportunity
  4. 4. DON: Media maven, game designer, entrepreneur, advocate. We are:
  5. 5. LIZ: Artist, editor, game developer, writer... Hall of Fame 1995 We are:
  6. 6. ...and stealth librarian.
  7. 7. GAMES + BENEFITS + FOR WHOM Beyond Monopoly and Rock Band??
  8. 8. Let's Play!
  9. 9. Preparedness... got game?
  10. 10. Preparedness... got game?
  11. 11. So many games So little time
  12. 12. Tabletop games RPGs LARPs Boxed games Card games Miniatures games Leisure games Strategy games Wargames Family games Hobby games Party games ARGs Format
  13. 13. Format FPS games RTS games MMOs Indie games Embedded games Traditional games in an electronic format Social games Console games PC games Handhelds Puzzle games ARGs, again!
  14. 14. Age and Gender
  15. 15. Intensity of Engagement
  16. 16. Luck or Strategy
  17. 17. Number of Players
  18. 18. Time Commitment
  19. 19. Themes
  20. 20. Content Style
  21. 21. Cost
  22. 22. Let's Play!
  23. 23. Opportunity More than just the game
  24. 24. Academic and life skills"Games are the most elevated form of investigation." - Albert Einstein
  25. 25. #@X&$%@(%?!
  26. 26. Social Computing Sharing knowledge Computer Skills Problem solving Cooperation Creative Arts Accountability Time management Economics Civic engagement Language Critical thinking Scientific method Global awareness Flexibility Collaboration Social awareness
  27. 27. Integrity and honesty Reading for pleasure Creative activities Cultural competence Planning and Decision making Achievement motivation
  28. 28. Creative activities
  29. 29. Teachable moments
  30. 30. ...using the game to explore: Writing/Literacy Mathematics Digital Citizenship Online Safety... ...and projects and lessons intended to develop 21st-Century skills.” “An after-school program targeting at-risk students ...
  31. 31. Transmedia “...storytelling across multiple forms of media with each element making distinctive contributions to a fan's understanding of the story world.” – Henry Jenkins, Convergence Culture
  32. 32. Serious Games and ARGs
  33. 33. Appreciatio n
  34. 34. Community
  35. 35. Community is us Los Altos Public Library Monterey Public Library San Jose Public Library
  36. 36. Gaming is all of us. “Gaming can make a better world.” – Jane McGonigal
  37. 37. Twitter: @LizDanforth Slideshare: Liz Danforth Twitter: @PulpGamer Twitter: @DonDehm Questions?
  38. 38. Picture Credits: Creative Commons-licensed content Slide 1: (Monopoly), (guitar) Slide 2: (dice) Slide 3: (badge), (knocker) Slide 8: (werewolf) Slides with sphere and variations: Slide 10: (chess) Slide 15: (monkey), (orangutan) Slide 16: (girls), (chess) Slide 21: (wrestling), (up the wall) Slide 23: (papillon) Slide 25: (graduates), (probability) Slide 30: (surprise) Slide 34: (Gandalf) Slide 36: (gallery), (butterfly girls) Slide 37: (chess), (epic geeks), (professional players) Slide 38: (Monterey Public Library), (Los Altos Public Library), (San Jose Public Library), My thanks to all who make their images available!