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Media Kit 2016


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Media Kit 2016

  1. 1. Rates & information summer 2016 PUL ZEPUL ZEthe
  2. 2. Continued The field of dentistry is changing, with the advent of new and developing technologies such as lasers, implants, cad/cam restorations, cone beam imaging, an improved understanding of root canal anatomy and treatment strategies and multiple modalities for orthodontics to name a few. There is also still a need for tried and true treatments, such as fillings, cleanings and preventive measures such as tooth sealants and dietary strategies to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. One question people ask themselves is “with all these choices for different dental treatments, how do I go about finding the right dentist for me?”. The following are a few things to consider when looking for a dentist, from the perspective of a dentist. Scope of practice - As with the medical profession, the dental profession has general practitioners and specialists. General practitioners hold a Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry degree and often offer a wide variety of dental treatments. Some pursue extra training in areas of special interest to them and choose to narrow their scope of practice to a few dental treatments, without specializing. Then there are dental specialists, who after attaining their dental degree, have chosen How to Pick a Dentist by Dr Alan Kemp DDS
  3. 3. 2/3 Page 4.75”w x 4.95”h Full Page 4.75”w x 7.5”h 1/6 Page 2.3”w x 2.4”h 1/3 Page 4.75”w x 2.4”h
  4. 4. Advertising Contract Under the specified Advertising Contract, the Company, named below, shall purchase the advertising package at the listed rate which is incorporated as a part of this agreement. All forms of advertising representing the creative effort of the Company and/or the utilization of illustrations, composition, labour or material furnished is and will remain the property of the Company and this also includes all rights of copyright. q I agree that Body Magazine can share my info and images on social media. Company Name ___________________________________________________ Contact Name _____________________________________________________ Business Address___________________________________________________ Town/City ___________________________ Postal Code __________________ Email Address ________________________ Phone Number________________ Payment: q Cheque q Credit card (Do NOT email credit card information.) Credit Card Number: _______________________________________________ Expiry Date: _________________________ Security Number: ______________ I have reviewed, accept and personally guarantee this payment. Customer Signature____________________ Date ________________________ Body Magazine is published by Patchell Media. Size Dimensions Price q 1/6 Page w 2.29” x h 2.4” $250.00 q 1/3 Page w 4.75” x h 2.4” $495.00 q 2/3 Page w 4.75” x h 4.95” $795.00 q Full Page trim w 5.5” x h 8.5” / w/bleed w 5.75” x h 8.75” $925.00 q Inside Front q Inside Back trim w 5.5” x h 8.5” / w/bleed w 5.75” x h 8.75” $1500.00 q Outside Back trim w 5.5” x h 8.5” / w/bleed w 5.75” x h 8.75” $1950.00 Display Advertising Rates Three issues - ad & editorial deadline: Winter Nov 4th / Spring Mar 4th / Fall July 4th summer 2016 Distributed in the Georgian Triangle