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Seven Levels of Energy Leadership

Energy Leadership incorporates a personal process to an individual leadership style that positively influences and changes not only yourself, but also those with whom you work and interact and your organization as a whole.

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Seven Levels of Energy Leadership

  1. 1. SEVEN LEVELS OF ENERGY LEADERSHIP Successfully Coaching a Client Means Getting to Their Energetic Core
  2. 2. ENERGY TYPES Everyone’s energetic makeup is comprised of two types of energy: Anabolic and Catabolic
  3. 3. CATABOLIC ENERGY Catabolic energy is draining, resisting, and contracting energy. It releases catabolic chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline into our bodies, which eat away at our cells. Catabolic energy can give you an energetic boost during a moment of stress, however, it can also act as a filter or blinder by showing you a limited view of a situation. This restricted view limits your choices available to you. When experiencing catabolic energy on a long-term basis, it takes an emotional, physical, and mental toll that is destructive on you, your organization, and all those around you.
  4. 4. ANABOLIC ENERGY Anabolic energy, on the other hand, is constructive, expanding, healing, and growth-oriented. Anabolic energy releases anabolic hormones such as testosterone into your body, and helps move you forward to achieve positive, long-term, sustainable results in all that you do. It is also useful in leading others in the same direction. Your use of anabolic energy allows you to have a more complete and conscious view of what is going on around you, and this allows you to come up with solutions and innovations more easily.
  5. 5. ENERGETIC SELF PERCEPTION CHART Both anabolic and catabolic energy are spread across a spectrum of seven levels known as the Energetic Self Perception Chart. This chart was created by Bruce D. Schneider, founder of iPEC Coaching. Catabolic energy is predominantly found in Levels 1 & 2, while anabolic energy can be found in Levels 3-7.
  6. 6. LEVEL 1 CORE FEELING: APATHY Catabolic energy is found in Level 1 and displayed with the following characteristics or actions:  Self-doubt  Guilt  Low self-esteem  Victim mentality to events, thoughts, beliefs and emotions  Indifference  Philosophy: “I lose”
  7. 7. LEVEL 2 CORE FEELING: ANGER Catabolic energy is found in Level 2 and displayed with the following characteristics or actions:  Judgment  Struggle or conflict  Black and white thinking  Action: Defiance, Resistance, Rebellion  Philosophy: “You lose”
  8. 8. LEVEL 3 CORE FEELING: RESPONSIBILITY Anabolic energy is found in Level 3 and displayed with the following characteristics or actions:  Forgiveness  Letting go of resentment or anger  Accountability  Action: Cooperation  Philosophy: “I win, and hopefully you win too”
  9. 9. LEVEL 4 CORE FEELING: COMPASSION OR SYMPATHY Anabolic energy is found in Level 4 and displayed with the following characteristics or actions:  Concern for others  Warmth  Empathy  Tenderness  Action: Care for others  Philosophy: "You Win"
  10. 10. LEVEL 5 CORE FEELING: HARMONY Anabolic energy is found in Level 5 and displayed with the following characteristics or actions:  Non-Judgment  Contentment or peace  Action: Reconciliation  Philosophy: “We all win or nobody wins”
  11. 11. LEVEL 6 CORE FEELING: ABSOLUTE JOY Anabolic energy is found in Level 6 and displayed with the following characteristics and actions:  Wisdom  Enlightenment  Higher Coach  Intuition  Philosophy: “We always win”
  12. 12. LEVEL 7 CORE FEELING: NON- JUDGMENT Anabolic energy is found in Level 7 and displayed with the following characteristics and actions:  Absolute Passion  Total bliss for any and all experiences  Action: Genius Thinking  Philosophy: “Winning and losing are illusions”
  13. 13. WHERE ARE YOU? How we display this energy and how we experience life is influenced by our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors. If you think of our energy in relation to the Self perception Chart, it moves up and down like a traded stock on the Stock Exchange. We may be at any given level throughout our day. We may start at Level 1 or 2 at the beginning of the day, and find ourselves at Level 5 by the end of the day. Do you find yourself remaining at a certain level everyday? Think about where you may show up on this scale with yourself, your friends, family, and colleagues. As a leader, is it where you want to be? Unlike our DNA, our energetic makeup can be changed if it is not serving us in the capacity we want or need.
  14. 14. ENERGETIC LEADERSHIP INDEX ASSESSMENT? If you are interested in discovering your true energetic makeup, contact us to schedule your Energy Leadership Index Assessment today. Its purpose is to help you with the following:  Have a much sharper awareness of who you are and how you act  Be able to respond instead of react to the stressors in your life in the way you want  Understand what drives your perceptions, feelings, and actions so you can recognize and change habits and patterns that are not serving you well This comprehensive assessment only takes 20 minutes to complete online, and will reveal more about who you are as a leader than you ever thought you knew.
  15. 15. WHO ARE WE? Southeast Technologies is an IT consulting and coaching firm that works with IT Executives and STEM professionals to take their leadership skills to the next level. Elizabeth Baker, graduate of iPEC, is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), and Master Practitioner in Energy Leadership Index (ELI-MP). Contact her to schedule your Energy Leadership Index Assessment: tact-southeast-technologies/