Child abuse


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Child abuse

  1. 1. Child AbuseDefinition – severe mistreatment of a childby a parent, guardian, or other adultresponsible for his or her welfare
  2. 2. • There are over 3 million reported child abuses in the U.S. every year.• These reports may include more than one child.• Reports of child abuses are made about every 10 seconds.• About 5 or more children die every day from child abuse.• Near 80% of these children are under the age of 4.
  3. 3. • Near 30% of children that were abused will also abuse their own children.• Children that are abused are 25% more likely to deal with teen pregnancy.• Child abuse also increases a person’s chance of going to jail when they get older. 14% of men in jail went through child abuse and 36% of women.• Children with parents who misuse alcohol and drugs are 3 times as likely to experience child abuse.• Children are 59% more likely to be arrested as a juvenile, 28% as an adult, and 30% to commit violent crimes.
  4. 4. Risk Factors of Becoming a Child Abuser• Being mistreated as a child• Depression• Conflicts in marriage or being a single parent• Having anxiety• Growing up in a home with violence• Financial problems• Parents with little education
  5. 5. More Risk Factors• Being socially isolated• Substance and alcohol abuse• Having a premature, physically disabled, or mentally challenged child• Having multiple children that are young (all under the age of 5)
  6. 6. How To Prevent Child Abuse• Be a good example to kids• Offer to babysit neighbors kids to give them some rest• Get speakers to talk in front of kids and inform them of child abuse• Learn what children are most likely to be abused• Recognize signs of child abuse• Volunteer to help needy children in any way you can
  7. 7. What To Do When You Suspect Child Abuse• Immediately call or report the case to your local child protective services agency. (a.k.a. social services or human services.• Even if the abuse is just alleged or suspected you are required to report it for the safety of the child.• Don’t be afraid to report child abuse, because it could be a life or death situation for the child.• No evidence is needed to report child abuse.
  8. 8. Organizations Against Child Abuse• Prevent Child Abuse America• Child Abuse Prevention Association• Bikers Against Child Abuse International• International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN)• Childhelp• Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)
  9. 9. Safe Homes For Children Being Abused• Olive Crest• Burnaby Safe Home• CASA• Safe Harbor Children’s Shelter• SafeHouse Center
  10. 10. Reference Page