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Research on NME Music Magazines


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Research on NME Music Magazines

  1. 1. Olivia Atkinson
  2. 2. The researchFor the research of NME magazines I want to look into detail aboutthe front cover especially, and also go into shops to see what standout compared to other things. I also want to buy a magazine that Ican use as a guide to help me with what works not only on thefront cover but on the contents page too, and also a double pagespread. As I think that all the research cannot take place on theinternet as it doesn’t provide the range of magazines that thereactually are. I think looking in magazines in real life will be moreproductive. I have also done some research on the internet ofother students blogs which has their magazines on, all theresearch is giving me ideas of how I want my magazine topresented and what looks professional. That’s another thing, withthis task I want to use all of the software, research, informationand feedback I can to make sure that my magazine is the best ofmy ability.
  3. 3. As you can see on the previous slide that NME has a vary noticeable colour theme asthe title of the magazine is always in red or white, sometimes with a black outline.There are 2 special edition magazines in the bottom right hand corner which are notthe usual colour scheme of NME and not layout like the usual type. I think they weretrying to attract a different audience as both of the artists are woman. NME is a verywell known music magazine because of its quality and how it continues to be the best.These magazines on the previous slide are all from the same company but aren’t all layout exactly the same. I think that customer’s familiarise themselves with their magazinethey buy weekly/monthly but when the brand is bigger you don’t expect it to be thesame every time, for example Vogue always has different layout of where the text is butalways has an image of a girl covering the whole of the cover. Looking at the NMEmagazines they always have the name of the artist/band on it, sometimes it stands outmore than others but I think its more for people who may not know who they are aswell as standing out to grab the audiences attention. The pictures of the artists arealways representing who that band are, for example on the bigger picture where TheWombats are photographed, there not posing as such but just having fun and it showswhat the band are. The company tends to base around the colours red white and blackwhich is known as there colours so it what we identify that magazine with. Anotherthing would be having a large image of the artist on the front cover.
  4. 4. I’ve took this front cover to go into more detail about thepresentation of it. Firstly if it was on a shelf of a shop therecould be the possibility that we may only see the left hand thirdof the magazine. If so then I think this magazine would still be Magazine Analysisclear of what it is as you can clearly see the title of themagazine in its colours red with a white and black border. It isn’tdirectly at the top of the magazine, as The Killer’s are beingadvertised. As well as having Florence who is the main artist onthe front cover there are also 6 pictures of other bands with thename on them on contrasting backgrounds, there is red onwhite and black on yellow. The yellow banner is made to looklike a ripped effect over the middle of the magazine, the rippedeffect shows that its not perfect and proper. For example ifthings weren’t slanted, it wouldn’t make the magazine feel notless professional but more easy going, laid back. If everythingwas perfect and straight, people would most probably be putoff as there would be no life to the magazine. The other thingsthat stand out are things like the red circle advertisingsomething and the advert on the bottom, where the ‘plus’ iscontrasted on red background and its reversed on the text nextto it. The use of primary colors on this magazine are clever asthe main colors are red, white, black and yellow. Red and yelloware primary colors which stand out more as they are simple andbold. What the artist wears can also make particular thingsstand out for example, here Florence is wearing red lipstickwhich contrasts with NME’s colour scheme.
  5. 5. SummaryOverall all of the NME magazine covers are different and represent the artistthrough the picture. The title of the magazine is sometimes covered by the bandon the front cover but it gives the effect of the magazine, that it doesn’t have tobe perfect and it’s more casual. The research on the NME front covers has mademe learn a lot and I want to look further into the style that NME is and see hatthere contents page is like and how the rest of the magazines are set out. For thisI will go out and buy a magazine and feedback my research onto my blog.