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Film magazine analysis


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Film magazine analysis

  1. 1.  Forone of the tasks in the coursework we have to create a magazine front cover for our film, therefore I am going to look at other magazines front covers to see what works and what is successful. As well as the magazine front cover I have/continue to analyse posters and compare them to how the character is presented on a magazine.
  2. 2. The title is the biggest text on the front cover and is also a colour that stands The writing on this side of the out with the rest ofmagazine is larger to the writing the colour scheme, on the other side, this makes red also suggests these statements more danger. important to the others. On theother hand it attracts the reader to read more as they start to In the title having the ‘P’ read the bigger statements and covered by Wolverine’s head then are drawn to read the shows that the magazine is statements on the other side. recognised by people evenThis is a clever element because though it is not completely they can fit more on due to the clear. Its also pretty writing being smaller. Also explanatory of what the having the smaller text on the word could be. right gives it a better chance of being read as a lot of people automatically look to the right.But if some automatically look to The positioning of thethat largest text then either way character is in the centre of it all gets read. the page, this makes you automatically drawn to him. Also the positioning of his body makes his biceps more Having alternate colours of in the foreground, it almost the text makes them seem gives his arms a 3D effect. more interesting and the one The contrast that appeals to you will stand of blue to out more as the contrast is the black makes The background is an image, opposite colour. For example the this makes the background The barcode has to be if all the text was black then background more interesting as it isn’t included on the front but it would all the same and seem more just a plain colour. This it not a main feature. It merge into one, but having mysterious, makes the character of is positioned in the the contrast of white makes it dark and ‘Wolverine’ seem more corner out of the way so clear to read. stormy. appealing and our attention is we are not drawn to it. drawn to him.
  3. 3. After researching magazines related to films, Ihave noticed that they are not at all like theposters of a film. The posters feature more inthe theme of the film and all characters,whereas the magazines only feature the maincharacter. And it is mainly the character that isplayed in the film. For example somemagazines have the actor at a film premiereon the cover but I think that the character ismore effective. In comparison with my ideasfor my magazine I think I will take a lot fromthis research….
  4. 4. For my magazine I will have a big picture ofthe main character, which is me. I want tohave a background, but not a solid block ofcolour but a colour that blends. Or even apicture that links into the film. The charactershead will cover part of the title and will bepositioned in the middle. I will also includefeaturing stories on each side and otheressentials such as barcode, headers, etc.