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Title research


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Title research

  1. 1. Title Inspiration The ‘Think!’ adverts were a huge inspiration to our film and therefore it makes sense to look into their title/logo to see if it could inspire us further with our title. It is written in the style of a road marking which again is extremely relevant and appropriate to our film. This is a possible title we came up with for our film. It is the title and lyrics of one of the songs we chose for our film, therefore it is linked and relevant. However, it also has a more deep connection – implying that in the world where Ben dies, he will remain ‘Forever Young’! Possible title: Forever Young! Possible title: Consequence The message of our film is consequence! We are encouraging the audience to take the time and care to think before making decisions – think about the consequences your actions will have on other people. Through this extra thought, we hope they will make the right decision. We chose this style of writing and presentation as it fits perfectly with the topic of our film, without giving too much away. We chose this title for our film as it is catchy, very relevant to the film’s storyline, and also fits with the music throughout the beginning of the film. This was our original title choice for our film, however we decided against it as it seemed to give too much away about the film, we want the audience to figure out the message for themselves. Possible title: Tears In Heaven This was another possible title for our film, keeping to the idea of naming it after a song we used in our film. This song is used towards the end of the film and throughout the credits and statics. We decided that this title was a bit too random – it doesn’t give enough away about the films content and therefore would not be a suitable title for our film.