Original shooting script


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Original shooting script

  1. 1. Shooting Script James is driving down the road. [LONG SHOT OF THE CAR. CLOSE UP OF JAMES. OVER-SHOULDER SHOT OF JAMES REVEALING THE ROAD AND SURROUNDINGS. PANNING MOVEMENT OF THE CAR DRIVING PAST] He receives a text on his phone and has to decide whether to read it whilst driving or pull over to read it. [CLOSE UP OF JAMES, LEADING TO AN EXTREME CLOSE UP OF JAMES] In a different scene, Ben is introduced. He is walking down the path, bouncing his ball. He then starts to cross the road. [LONG SHOT INTO A MID SHOT. FROM THE SIDE, TRACKING MOVEMENT OF BEN WALKING ACROSS THE ROAD] Outcome (1) – James reads his text message whilst driving, doesn’t see Ben crossing the road and knocks him over. [MID SHOT OF JAMES – FROM SIDE. LOW ANGLE SHOT OF BEN CROSSING THE ROAD TOWARDS THE CAMERA. LOW ANGLE SHOT OF CAR. THE CAMERA REMAINS COMPLETELY STILL – LOCKED OFF. CLOSE UP SHOT OF JAMES] Visual rewind of the previous actions up until James receives the text; we now enter two parallel worlds showing different consequences. Outcome (2) - James makes the other choice to pull over and read it. [MID SHOT – SIDE ON OF JAMES. LOW LEVEL, CLOSE UP SHOT OF THE WHEEL AS JAMES PULLS UP TO THE CURB. OVER SHOULDER-SHOT SHOWING BEN IN THE DISTANCE, CROSSING THE ROAD SAFELY] (2) Ben is shown reaching the other side of the road, holding his ball in his hands. [MID SHOT – SIDE ON – TRACKING BEN’S MOVEMENTS] (2) Ben continues walking home. [LOW LEVEL, CLOSE UP SHOT OF BEN’S FEET AS HE WALKS – TRACKING SHOT USED TO FOLLOW HIS ACTIONS] (1) The police walking to Ben’s house to inform his mother about what has happened. [LOW LEVEL, CLOSE UP SHOT OF THE POLICE OFFICER’S FEET AS THEY WALK – TRACKING SHOT USED TO FOLLOW THEIR ACTIONS] (2) Ben reaches his house and knocks on the door. [MID SHOT TRACKING FROM BEHIND, LEADING TO A STATIC CAMERA SHOT BEHIND BEN AS AN OVER-SHOULDER SHOT]
  2. 2. (1) The police officers reach Ben’s house and knock on the door. [MID SHOT TRACKING FROM BEHIND, LEADING TO A STATIC CAMERA SHOT BEHIND THE OFFICERS AS AN OVER-SHOULDER SHOT] (2) Carol opens the door and smiles as Ben runs into the house. [CLOSE UP OF CAROL’S FACE. MID SHOT, PANNING AS BEN RUNS INTO THE HOUSE] (1) Carol opens the door to the police officers and lets them into the house. [OVER-SHOULDER SHOT OF OFFICERS SHOWING CAROL. MID SHOT PANNING AS THE OFFICERS WALK PAST CAROL INTO THE HOUSE. CLOSE UP OF CAROL’S FACE] (1) Carol sits on one sofa, the police officers on the other as they tell her that her son has been killed in a road traffic accident. [WIDE, ESTABLISHING SHOT] (1) Carol gets up and walks over to the shelf, picking up a picture of Ben. [WIDE SHOT, TRACKING CAROL’S MOVEMENTS] (1) Carol sits, staring at the picture. [CLOSE UP SHOT OF THE PICTURE] (1) Leaving Carol on the sofa, the police officers walk out of the room and out of the house, leaving Carol on her own. [CLOSE UP SHOT OF CAROL TRACKING BACKWARDS SHOWING THE OFFICERS WALKING OUT] (2) Ben and Carol sitting at the table having dinner. [WIDE SHOT, FROM OUTSIDE THE WINDOW, LOOKING IN. THE CAMERA THEN TAKES ITS PLACE INSIDE THE HOUSE USING A MID/WIDE SHOT – A DOLLY SHOT IS USED ROUND THE TABLE] (1) Halfway round the table, the camera reveals that Ben isn’t there and Carol is sat at the table by herself. [MID/WIDE SHOT – A DOLLY SHOT IS USED ROUND THE TABLE, ENDING FOCUSED ON CAROL, ALONE]