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Magazine research

  1. 1. The Resident: We like the domination of the images on the page, like in ‘Ironclad’; however it is a bit too unequal in the ratio of image to text. We Mulholland Drive: would like more text in our review so the We like the layout of the page and the viewer doesn’t have to depend entirely on the size of the image, however have images for information. decided not to use this as our The way the text ispresented, i.e. the blood template as the way it is sectioned off splatter as a textbox, reinforces the genre of seems a bit basic and boring. the film – we will use this as inspiration for our own way of portraying our genre.Buried:We have chosen not to use thistemplate for our magazine review as it Ironclad:includes reviews on two different films We love the layout for thison one page. We want the focus of review as it is very active –our magazine review to be on our film. conveying the genre of the film. Ideas generation We like the domination of for Magazine images, with the text coming review second. We have therefore decided to take inspiration from this review and put it towards our own page.Sanctum:The amount of colour used in this reviewis a good connotation of cold water andpossibly about what the film entails. Wethink that is a good way to portray a Summary:theme to the audience however can be - The majority of the posters have information Cyrus:seen too much like a poster, rather than boxes at the start of the review; i.e. release We like the layout of the textits actual purpose as a review. We are date, certificate, director, case, plot, running around the image, showing bothconsidering colour in our review to time, etc. – this is a quick and effective at equal importance. The textconnote danger and warnings – red! summary of the film which instantly informs wraps round the image which the viewer. draws your attention to it, making - Each review finishes with a verdict and a star you look all around the page. rating, showing the author of the reviews own opinion – we have opted to just include the star rating as it gives enough information on its own.