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Cluj.DevOps Meetup - GitHub Enterprise


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Cluj.DevOps Meetup - presentation from June 29, 2016 on what are the benefits of using GitHub Enterprise

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Cluj.DevOps Meetup - GitHub Enterprise

  1. 1. Alexandru Sabău QA & DevOps Engineer @ ModusCreate
  2. 2. GitHub Enterprise
  3. 3. GitHub for business. GitHub Enterprise is the on-premises version of With flexible deployment options, centralized permissions, and hundreds of integrations. GitHub Enterprise operates on your infrastructure with your existing information security controls - from firewalls and VPNs, to IAM and monitoring systems.
  4. 4. vs. Github Enterprise
  5. 5. Features
  6. 6. Security
  7. 7. Hosting
  8. 8. Administration
  9. 9. Support
  10. 10. Benefits of using the enterprise version over the free one: Better security Custom hosting High level administration 24/7 Support
  11. 11. Installing GitHub Enterprise on AWS
  12. 12. Prerequisites Github User ID Github Enterprise license AWS account capable of launching EC2 instances and EBS volumes Basic git knowledge Two 3.0 GHz CPU cores (or virtual equivalent) 14-16 GB (minimum dependent on selected platform) Disk: 80 GB VM root partition 100 GB data partition