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4 projets, 4 produits "Vêtements connectés" : Cityzen Sciences


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Présentation de Gilbert Réveillon de Cityzen Sciences à l'événement Living Things du 9 juin à Futur en Seine

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4 projets, 4 produits "Vêtements connectés" : Cityzen Sciences

  1. 1. 1 15/06/2016 Gilbert Réveillon Paris le 9 juin 2016 Futur en Seine
  2. 2. TWO ISSUES WITH CURRENT « WEARABLES » 2 6/15/2016 An ever growing number of them… Not always simple & comfortable to wear
  3. 3. THAT’S WHY WE NEED TO DO SMART TEXTILE 3 6/15/2016 Textile As A Platform Easy access to new sources of data
  4. 4. 4 Shirt arming technology: D-Shirt™  Evolutive  Washable Smoozi® Fit  GPS  9 axis motion monitoring  Barometric altimeter  Waterproof  Bluetooth & Bluetooth Low Energy  2 GB memory Smoozi App for Android & iOS smartphone:  Real-time monitoring  Multi-sport  Garments management 6/15/2016 WE MAKE PROTOTYPE As the D-Shirt example With real situation tests
  5. 5. THE D-SHIRT IS THE VISIBLE PART OF THE ICEBERG – a demonstration of a possible use only • CityZen started with the development of smart fabrics as an answer to the problem of collecting new sets of data for the sport and the healthcare industries • A multi-awarded technology (CES 2014 & 2015) and process globally patented, the connected textile is more than wires and patches, it is designed for mass market industrialization and for many uses • There are already other applications such as the compression belt, the compression bra or the smart pillow 5 6/15/2016
  6. 6. INDUSTRIAL PROCESS 6 15/06/2016 CZS Quality Assurance:  CZS Design Rules: guidelines for designing a product embedding Smart Sensing technology.  CZS Manufacturing Rules: guidelines for manufacturing a product embedding Smart Sensing technology.  CZS Quality Checks: systematic quality controls at the end of each manufacturing step.
  7. 7. A STRATEGIC ALLIANCE WITH JAPAN 7 15/06/2016 And the world !